J. F. Bautista

J. F. Bautista

Astoria, NY, US


2020 - LIC Present - Artists Navigating 2020

Artists Navigating 2020

A juried online art exhibition of work by LIC-based artists in collaboration with the Queens Memory Project

The Public Library at Hunters Point & Culture Lab LIC
This exhibition is part of LIC: Present,

co-created by Long Island City Artists (LIC-A), Culture Lab LIC, Queens Memory, and Hunters Point at Queens Public Library.

LIC: Present is the first in a series of exhibitions that explore memory and the archival process, in our new normal. The project will document our local community in the “now,” with a focus on how LIC artists are shaping the new decade. Read Press Release Here

The work in this exhibition has been archived by the Queens Public Library with Urban Archive


For Immediate Release September 12, 2020

LIC PRESENT - Artists Navigating 2020
Opening Panel Discussion (Live Broadcast):
Tuesday, September 15, 6-7pm, moderated by Edjo Wheeler
Exhibition on view online: Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Please join us online at LIC: Present -the first in a series of exhibitions that explores
memory and the archival process, in our new normal. In our virtual exhibition, we aim to
create a space that will showcase the artistic works and meaningful items of Long
Island City that help our community overcome these tumultuous times. In doing so, we
hope to create an archive that showcases the human voices that exist in Long Island
City, during COVID-19. Our exhibition is split into 3 parts:
Artists Navigating 2020 : Exploring how Long Island City artists have been continuing
to create during COVID-19, this exhibit aims to capture and archive those artistic
works that reflect our current times and the artists' personal experiences. Art and its
patrons have admirably adapted to the digital world. The creative connections to art
that so many have shared through social media during the quarantine have
emphasized that creative expression is an intrinsic need for us all. The conversation and energy exchanged between the artist and the
viewer is one that is currently missing and the live online events are a great way to bridge that gap as more venues start to open with
social distancing rules in place.
Artists in this exhibition include Asano G Agarie, Monique Allain, Eirene Archolekas, Aileen Bassis, J. F. Bautista, Xan Cambreiro, LV
Casey, Virginia Cava, Carol Crawford, Adrian DiMetriou, Eric Friedmann, Amy Geller, Jean-Marie Guyaux, Nan Hendley, Jessamyn
Henschel, Javier Hernández-Miyares, Sin-ying Ho, Jack Howard-Potter, Christopher Johnson, Kaiser Kamal, Zebunnesa Kamal, Will
Kaplan, Tessa Kennedy, June Kosloff, Jane Levy, Pierre Yves Linot, Yunzi Liu, Robert Lobe, Nancy Macina, Eva Mallis, Ellen Mandelbaum,
Leda Maria, Dianne Martin, Olesya Mashtakova, Marina Nebro, Teresito Paez, Yi-An Pan, Ami Park, Philip Read, Cristian Pietrapiana,
Eugenia Pigassiou, Robert Roher, Michelle Sakhaim Carmine Santaniello, Elinore Schnurr, Jacqueline Sferra Rada, Bruce Sharpe,
Deborah Sherman, Orly Shiv, Yvonne Shortt, Adele Shtern, Gildo Spadoni, Akemi Takeda, Preston Trombly, Roussina Valkova, Linda
Vigdor, Jemina Vita, Andrew Wheatley and Fulvia Zambon.
In the Artist's Studio: During COVID-19, many artists have been continuing to work and create pieces that reflect our current times and
their experiences. Three artists have graciously allowed us to virtually "enter" their studios, and create an exhibition tour dedicated to their
creative spaces. A panel consisting of these 3 artists will be streamed to the Queens Memory Facebook Page. Event details can be found
Queens 2020 Time Capsule: 2020 has been a tumultuous year- often called a "once in a lifetime" experience. This exhibition will digitally
document objects submitted by Queens residents, which represent their experience and the conditions of Queens during the first and
second half of 2020. We will premiere this exhibition right after the New Year. We are still accepting submissions!
This exhibition is co-created by Long Island City Artists (LIC-A), Culture Lab LIC, Queens Memory, Queens Public Library at Hunters Point
and supported by Urban Archive.
Queens Memory currently, the Queens Memory team is documenting the impact of the pandemic on Queens residents. Visit to learn more and share your story.
Long Island City Artists, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) arts advocacy organization with a mission to increase the development and
visibility of professional and emerging artists in Long Island City & the greater New York Area.
Culture Lab LIC is a new nonprofit (501(c)(3) pending) organization formed to support the efforts of local artists who have been running
the Plaxall Gallery, and its significant community work and arts programming over the past three years. Since opening our doors in
October 2016, thanks to the generous donation from Plaxall Inc. of a 12,000 square foot converted warehouse, the programs and
community outreach have doubled every year.
Urban Archive - Urban Archive is a technology nonprofit that promotes historical research and discovery. Its mission is to extend the
reach of cultural organizations by providing them with collaborative tools to share local history. To connect with Urban Archive, follow
@UrbanArchiveNY on Instagram and Twitter and download the Urban Archive app, available for free in the App Store. For more
information please visit

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Status: Built
Location: 47-40 Center Blvd.
My Role: Artist
Additional Credits: A special thank you to the following individuals for making this project happen: Queens Public Library staff including Jo-Ann Wong,
Hunters Point Library, Natalie Milbrodt of Queens Memory, Aimai Reporter and Dacia Metes of Queens Public Library, and Sam Addeo of
Urban Archive, Jon Garfield and Norma Homberg of Long Island City Artists, and Edjo Wheeler of Culture Lab LIC.