J. F. Bautista

J. F. Bautista

Astoria, NY, US

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Main Poster
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Curated by Craig Norton
An exhibition highlighting species endangered by human activity and the effects it will have on our world: over-harvesting, pollution, habitat destruction, introduction of invasive species, over-hunting, exotic animal trade and trophy hunting, among other influences. Although global climate change is a major cause for species extinction, this exhibition will be focusing on the endangered animals themselves and the possible effects of their removal for the ecosystem.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 8
On View: August 30 – September 30 at
LIC-A/ The Plaxall Gallery
5-25 46th Avenue
Long Island City , NY 11101
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Status: Built
Location: Long Island City, NY, US
My Role: Artist
Additional Credits: Craig Norton

Th!nk!…What if Animals Treat Us How We Treat Them?
Th!nk!…What if Animals Treat Us How We Treat Them?