J. F. Bautista

J. F. Bautista

Astoria, NY, US


2019 - Petropolis

ATetraVS Petropolis by J. F. Bautista.

What do they see at Petropolis?: A blonde woman standing at the balcony jumping up and down, waving her arms trying to get anyone's attention.

Onlookers think “maybe is she in trouble?” so they go to see if they can help her. When they ask the woman what’s wrong, she tells them that “Someone way down there (500 meters) needs help!” and points downwards to a crashed car with someone lying next to it.

Panicked helpers rush down to the vehicle to see if anyone is injured and if they can help. They realize that the person lying on the floor is the same person as the woman who was stood at the balcony.

As they look back towards the balcony, the blonde woman has vanished into thin air!. Looking back toward the crash site, suddenly both the car and the body lying next to it have vanished too leaving the helpful people standing there all alone.

Could it be the ghost of a woman who died after jumping off from the balcony in Petropolis? — in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Status: Built
Location: Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
My Role: Artist - Architect