Haute Architecture DPC

Haute Architecture DPC

New York, NY


Upper East Side Residence

Located on the Upper East Side, this two-bedroom and two-bathroom pied-à-terre was re-imagined to fit the family’s multifaceted needs while simultaneously amplifying the feeling of spaciousness.

Inspired by the fluid circulation of a traditional French enfilade, the new floor plan enables multiple paths throughout the home. The strategy also creates a dramatic series of spaces filled with daylight and views of the city. Understated, luxurious finishes and refined details to give it that unique sense of homeliness. Antique furniture was juxtaposed with modern and minimal architectural details, enhancing the appreciation of each.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect of Record
Additional Credits: Architect of Record: Haute Architecture DPC
Interior Designer: Suzanne Rheinstein
MEP Engineer: JMV Engineering
Lighting Designer: Fisher Marantz Stone
System Integration: Onebutton
Expeditor: Berzak Schoen Consultants
Contractor: Rusk Renovations Inc.
Photography: Susan Fisher-Plotner