Haute Architecture DPC

Haute Architecture DPC

New York, NY


Gate House Residence

With its prominent location near the entrance of a private estate, the Gate House was designed as a mercurial beacon whose reading shifts throughout the day.  The building is in dialogue with the modern archetype of the glass house; By day, the relective glass exterior conceals the house in its lush surroundings.  By night, the building's multifaceted organization is revealed.  Its polyvalent nature derives from visual axes aligned towards the other residences within the property.  The building's split levels create privacy for each guest suite.  A central stair connects the varying levels, while its performative landings offer interactive lounge spaces.  The pristine exterior glass facade is juxtaposed with an organic plywood finish on the interior. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: West Stockbridge, MA, US
Firm Role: Architect of Record, Interior Designer, Owner Representative
Additional Credits: Structure: Tocci Engineering
MEP: JMV Engineering
Landscaping: Dirtworks P.C.
Lighting Design: Tillitson Design Associates
Civil: Graylock Designs