Haute Architecture DPC

Haute Architecture DPC

New York, NY


Lower East Side Residence

Haute Architecture finished the full renovation of a 900 sqft apartment in a pre-war building in New York’s Lower East Side, from a two bedroom to a spacious and modern one bedroom loft. 

The new concept for the main spaces required the living room, kitchen and bedroom to be rearranged to introduce an intuitive flow through the apartment. Minimal and natural finishes were used to create a sense of elegance and combine with a more neutral color palette, bring in the light further inside the space. 

The open layout is now anchored around two main architectural elements, a shelving unit partition and the stainless steel kitchen island. The shelving unit is placed at an angle to open up the space further and to create dynamic paths through the apartment. Combined with the sliding abd pivot doors on both ends, it also protecting the intimacy of the master bedroom while allowing for various spacial and visual configurations. The island extends the kitchen with an enlarged preparation area that interactively links dining and living zones, Haute Architecture worked with the client to design it as a focal point of gathering and entertainment. 

Haute Architecture worked closely with the client and contractor to deliver an aesthetically superior project, but also new central air, central heating, plumbing and electrical upgrades while maintaing an eye on the budget. The emphasis on cost and quality control throughout the construction with careful decisions around material and equipment was used as a creative challenge rather than an issue. 

The finished apartment feels serene and homely, an place of tranquility amidst the lively Lower East Side neighborhood

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect, Interior Designer
Additional Credits: MEP: RJD Engineering
Construction: Tan Development