Haute Architecture DPC

Haute Architecture DPC

New York, NY


Hudson Yards - Office Fit Out

Haute Architecture was invited for a limited competition for 300,000 sf of new office space for a prominent global financial firm.  Haute Architecture's design strategy was to employ the urban planning device of a main street to connect the disparate office divisions of the company.  Since the office would be distributed vertically over 6 floors of the tower, the main street motif was envisioned as a "Skyline", drawing upon the energy of the adjacent Highline.  

The Skyline would serve as both circulation and as program, creating a winding artery that both connects programmatic elements and at key moments absorbs programmatic elements.  The Skyline manifests in celebratory interactive staircases with integral meeting spaces; A main feature stair doubles as a gathering space for quarterly key-note speeches.  The Skyline acts a catalyst for multi-disciplinary communication within the office, creating opportunities for innovation through chance encounters. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Design Architect