What music are you listening to?

Pre-ordered Alt-J's new album a few days ago. They're sounding pretty good Litz4Formz, I agree they're new direction is pretty good. Working on playing the guitar riff in left hand free.
Sep 15, 14 9:25 pm

Just listened to the album, they're the fucking Pink Floyd of this generation. So good

Sep 24, 14 12:26 am
Absolutely, bloodflood pt II is a revelation. I need to find out their next tour dates, I want to see a show.
Sep 24, 14 9:11 am

bryan adams' songs are unique.....

Sep 24, 14 9:41 am

They'll be all over the world, so there's a good chance you'll be near a show. This will be their last show in "medium" sized venues. 

Sep 24, 14 9:49 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

My buddy and I's own shit. Live production techno.

Sep 24, 14 9:31 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

In general all things Tinush are good

Sep 25, 14 10:33 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

if you are somewhere between techno and traditional folk instruments (like say Tim Eriksen and a violin or banjo) may like this Tinush jam -


Old Man's Banjo

Sep 25, 14 10:53 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

found this little jem, very much in line with Tinush

Wimudo by Balduin

Oct 4, 14 2:38 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

like 20th listen to that jam, and the Balduin Official are cool enough to follow me...i should break out my alto sax and see what I can do over House beats.

Oct 5, 14 11:40 pm

Lately haven't been able to stop listening to Blood Orange - especially Chamakay

Oct 6, 14 7:03 pm

Nas-illmatic,kool G rap- poison, The roots- the clones, Bahama Dia -Three the hard way,

Big daddy Kane, Grand Pubah, Eric B -juice, steady-b  -serious

mostly old old school east coast classically lyrical hop from the 80's and 90's, my architectural formative years.

Oct 7, 14 9:11 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Nam good recommendation.

Oct 7, 14 9:16 pm

@Olaf  Thanks sir! when i first heard of them i was under impression too Pitchforkymedia for me. Brooklyn/Uber hipster (and maybe so) but def digging it.

@Broadstreet, haven't been listening to a ton of oldschool/or even contemporary rap lately. But did come across RATKING earlier this year. Thought/think they were dope.

Oct 8, 14 6:30 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

still listening to this album a lot


followed by a lot of this


Oct 17, 14 10:27 pm

that's my default right now, with this in the car:
alternating with music my friends make, like:
the band is now called OQO, and their new EP is the most soul-wrenching stuff I've heard since Death's The Sound of Perserverance (different aesthetic, but the effect is very similar)
The band kind of grew out of this one -, which is finally getting the radio play that it deserves up here in Canada

Oct 17, 14 11:18 pm

Well, not sure if I should be embarrassed about this or not, but there is a Detroit band called Cold English that I'm really digging lately. The vocals are hip hop, I guess?  But the guitar is totally funk which is what I love.

Oct 17, 14 11:32 pm
go do it
go do it

More play loud music.

Oct 18, 14 12:29 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Donna that is so G.Love and the Special Sauce, nice. Surely libert bell has heard of G.Love of philly. .....threadkilla Yesssss the Sword! And hell yeah to anything Zappa.......last night in a dream. Garth Brooks showed up and toke requests, strangest dreams sometimes.

Oct 18, 14 8:15 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

a much needed ohmmm

sometimes its good to hit the reset button and relax by making your own stuff.  listening to the same loop over and over is meditation.

Oct 18, 14 3:25 pm

Yes, Olaf, I do know of G.Love. The Philly soul music from the 70s is my favorite music of all.

Oct 22, 14 9:05 pm
go do it

A high school summer night

Alone driving

Windows down

Hot wet roads

Smile Sara Smile



Sara Smile

Oct 23, 14 2:37 am

 thanks to  and Makoto Kawabata (of Acid Mother’s Temple fame) been listening to a lot of chansons / Troubadour music lately;

ie; Music of the Troubadours and Music Of The Trouveres And Troubadours, Vol. 1

Oct 29, 14 10:18 am

im kinda weird...I listen to rap for a couple weeks (usually 90's rap like wu-tang, rakim, etc) the next couple weeks im in a hardcore/metal/punk phase, then its old R&B time (always coincides with the holidays), then 80s-90s stuff, then a few weeks of random new stuff  (Arcade fire, etc...) then good old Classic Rock for a few weeks.   its like musical seasons...right now its The Doors, Simon and Garfunkel, The Animals, Allman Bros, Jethro Tull, CCR, Neil Young....(I'm a child of hippies)

Oct 29, 14 2:07 pm
Alien 8

Several great new albums were released this week, which I've had on repeat...

Pianos Become the Teeth: Keep You

Restorations: LP3

Lagwagon: Hang (the "Alien 8" name comes from one of their older songs)

The Smith Street Band: Throw Me In The River

Oct 29, 14 2:25 pm
Jla-x your last list from The Doors down is freaking fantastic.
Oct 29, 14 5:11 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Chali 2na

jla-x try some Gumbo Variations by Frank Zappa sometime or Villanova Junction by Jimi Hendrix...if you have nothing to do for the next hour, ha...

Oct 29, 14 11:47 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

here is the possibly best rap song  ever

by Chali 2na

Comin Thru

Oct 29, 14 11:56 pm

Today we are cranking some Little Dragon!/album/Ritual+Union/6608985 

Oct 30, 14 12:58 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

found this guy

The Dining Rooms - stefano ghittoni - milano, Italy

and this tune is saweet


Nov 26, 14 10:18 pm
"Bahamas is Afie" album. The whole dang thing is good.
Nov 26, 14 10:33 pm
go do it

This a a pretty cool place to find a lot of music.

You can put on a playlist and let it go.

Dec 10, 14 3:17 am
I can't remember if I posted this or not - Ike Reilly Assassination has a new single. Straight up rock n roll.
Dec 10, 14 7:22 am

hmmm.... right now, the playlist includes:

The War on Drugs and Beck's latest releases;

a little Vince Ghiraldi for the season;

just ordered some Joshua Bell (we saw him in person earlier this year);

also re-listening to very late Talk Talk (Spirit of Eden, Laughing Stock, and Mark Hollis' solo record). 

Dec 10, 14 9:41 am

Oh, vado. You're the court jester, smarter than everyone else but pretending to be a clown.

Dec 10, 14 9:54 am
vado retro

I love you, Donna Sink.

Dec 10, 14 10:00 am

I love you too, vado!


(See, this is how Archinect used to be in the old days.  We need that secret admirer match-making guy back again.)

Dec 10, 14 10:02 am
go do it


Mr. reto, I skimmed the heading skipping over some words and read it as "the cia to torture drywall contractors"  because there was an ad below.

I kill myself sometimes.

Dec 10, 14 10:05 am

There are days when torturing drywall contractors seems acceptable. LOL j/k of course.

Dec 10, 14 10:20 am
null pointer

Integral - Sercosa.

Dec 10, 14 10:40 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

null you do have good taste in music, nice album.

Dec 13, 14 12:05 pm

Ilhan Ersahin- Bosphorus

I listen all kinds of music from jazz to underground to punk to heavy metal to ethnic music which I learn about other cultures. Did you know 17th century Ottoman music had a lot to contribute to classical music?

Then there is this.... Closer to home.

Dec 13, 14 1:51 pm
I didn't know that Orhan. Very cool. I love classical music.
Dec 13, 14 2:04 pm

I am glad you enjoy it CD.

Dec 13, 14 2:35 pm

The cure

Dec 13, 14 2:35 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Tympanik Audio 

(the whole record label, see Integral /\, posted by Null)

Dec 14, 14 9:41 am
null pointer

Yup. All of Tympanik is amazing.

Highly suggest Idlefon, Zeller and

If you like the stuff on Tympanik, I really suggest taking a look at Editions Mego; specifically Klara Lewis. She's all about sample manipulation and field recordings.

Dec 14, 14 12:42 pm

Loving a band from the UK called "The Wild Beasts" right now.  Bought all their albums and have them on repeat, them and Vince Guaraldi, Peanuts Christmas music never gets old...

Wild Beasts:  Wild Beasts: NPR Music Field Recordings

Excellent recording of them at the Campbell Apartment, Grand Central Station

Dec 14, 14 8:18 pm

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