What music are you listening to?


99 Luftballons

The Final Countdown (Europe)

Bring me to Life (Evanescence)

and others... The list goes on but I it depends on what I feel like listening to. When I am doing a heavy grind, I like listening to music that has a good energetic tempo. I did it for some all nighters that resulted in kicking ass especially in those hand drafting all-nighters.

Mar 7, 15 12:14 am

It relieves the nerves and often helps to set my mind into that creative state and music is more healthier than drugs.

Mar 7, 15 12:20 am

Let's not forget Separate Ways by Journey.

Some stuff from the 80s still kicks ass.

Mar 7, 15 12:35 am
Olaf, thanks for the tip on White Ring, I'm digging witch house.
Mar 7, 15 9:06 am

currently listening to Sunbather #Deafheaven

Mar 7, 15 8:55 pm
go do it

natti - architecture

Mar 9, 15 3:40 am
How come this thread hasn't broken down into your band sucks?
Mar 9, 15 11:21 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Beta,ain't no one going to talk shit about Witch House!

Mar 9, 15 9:50 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_


Mar 14, 15 9:39 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

DEEP HOUSE BROKEN by me (self-promotion, shameless, Jawohl! (auf Deutsch))

so my first stab at a 'critical' piece of music (forgive me John Cage, mushroom collector)

Deep House is the 'serious' sound these days.  In short, it's a solid stable kick (4/4) with a simple 'deep' synth with various other themes floating around.  It's like Deadmau5 mellowed out and guess who walked into the room -  Satoshi Tomiie spinning 'scandal in new york' taking everyone to the next level...preferably hypnagogic

so I slow the tempo to about 60 beats per minute (bpm), which is about half the standard 120 bpm, that's a good healthy heart rate and drag out the ear drops of the 'deep house' standard synth - bouncing form ear to ear then distort, which is a No-No in 'deep house' the pleasurable sound....

we hiccup twice in the tune; and in a similar fashion with hands slowing down a vinyl land on a piano plucking moment as the out of synch totally inappropriate twilight zone reference (slightly), out of sound 'deep house' lands itself square 'somewhere else'

this move is an ode to Alvin Lucier

mentioned at least twice in the last 3 issues of LOG

enjoy, or don't....critical pieces are always questionable.

(the photo is of Philip Johnson's Glass house, broken)

Mar 14, 15 11:58 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

so straight laced this Teeter guy - let's go back, like way back, when it was legit

N.W.A - Straight Outta Compton

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge!


what happened to Rap?  Is Taylor Swift rapping now?

Mar 15, 15 12:42 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

my bad dude, I have to drop this, to offend everyone!

God Bless America and our Explicit Lyrics!

Easy-E: Automobile

sub-titles in Espanol

Mar 15, 15 12:47 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

I should probably call it a night, but the best ever -

machiavelli --------------------- the prince

The blind stares
of a million pairs of eyes
lookin' hard but won't realize
that they will never see
the P

Mar 15, 15 1:02 am
Speaking of Prince...

...saw him last night. The defining moment of the show for me was a nostalgic one: the guitar solo during 'Little Red Corvette', while it was different - an elaborate modern version - still had that exact guitar tone he captured in the original, taking me back to 1983 listening to this incredible sound while I lay in bed in the dark with my little radio tuned to Carol Taylor on WNOR.
Mar 15, 15 5:50 pm

Prince live...what! Must have been an amazing show.

Mar 15, 15 8:45 pm

also digging that natti - architecture link go do it!

Mar 15, 15 8:47 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Nam I like the highlights in the lyrics linked to clarifications in that jam!

Ward, you have any pics man? How old is Prince these days?

Mar 15, 15 9:10 pm



space art - nous savons tout

Mar 15, 15 10:40 pm
wurdan freo


The Clash

Allman Brothers Band


Social Distortion

and maybe top it off with some Elvis Presley

maybe not exactly new. 

Mar 17, 15 12:28 pm

Been listening to a lot of Washed Out, the Hotelier, Early November...

and my friend got me into Tigers Jaw.  Their album Charmer is right up my alley.

Also been listening to a ton of Glocca Morra to gear up for their last show ever in Philly.  Way too excited.

Mar 17, 15 1:43 pm
wurdan freo

Can't believe I missed this one!

Mar 17, 15 4:18 pm

I have affection for country-ish songs done by alt rock bands, using fiddle.

Newish: Camper van Beethoven's Northern California Girls

Really Oldish: The Breeder's Drivin' on Nine

Mar 20, 15 5:19 pm

Meat Puppets - Meat Puppets II

Mar 21, 15 1:05 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Last night as I finished up at work, I was listening to Moondog.

This morning, started briefly with a The Heavy pandora station.

Have since moved on to a The Sonics station.

Will probably finish the day with a Hall and Oates station.

Mar 27, 15 9:23 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

not sure how I'm going to continue operatin' with all this estrogen in this house....

but Sleepy La Beef you sure calm me down a bit...

What am I worth

Mar 28, 15 10:21 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

in the meantime I'd like to thank the estrogen that has kept me in this NYC thing...all my career is due to female patience, I swear...

at Suzan's wedding, a partner at I-Beam Design  Sleepy LaBeef was the grooms' choice.

it was a warehouse building somewhere in Greenpoint and on the water tower just off to the north it said 'save Palestine'

the world's a great place.

have a great night ;)

Mar 28, 15 10:39 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

feelin' you brah

boom boom boom - sleep labeef

boom boom - john lee hooker

blues bros version

buddy guy (the absolute Man of all Men)

and some of you all misled....

hey brah, my wife is down with this, like your wife man, practically twins.


My grandmother who was Half-Swedish West Nebraskan broke-off from Mormans raised, I gave her Cradle to Cradle by Eric  Clapton on tape, she put  it in and kicked us out, for one hour, she felt it...


the Blues knows like no other....and I feel like the kids don't know Chris?!?!

Buddy Guy is the man of all time!

Mar 28, 15 11:01 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

tell the children to skip to about 5 minutes in and to take a couple notes on paper...

Led Zepplin ripped off, stole from, and pretended to be Willie Dixon.

Mar 28, 15 11:03 pm

Moondog - Moondog


Moondog - Moondog 2

Mar 28, 15 11:17 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

moondog!?!?!?! you know all the other "legit" shit in this era....

your choice in music is serious brah!

Mar 28, 15 11:32 pm

oh... just getting started...

demon fuzz - afreaka!

Mar 29, 15 12:01 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

toasteroven, I nominate thee the archinect music editor, ha ;)

olaf, what's with the brah flavor....

its Eric Clapton - from the cradle

Cradle to Cradle is a book by William McDonough the architect

Moondog - YES!  his bio on wiki intro is saweet, photo and excerpt below

Moondog, born Louis Thomas Hardin (May 26, 1916 – September 8, 1999), was an American composer, musician, poet and inventor of several musical instruments. He was blind from the age of 16. In New York from the late 1940s until he left in 1972, he could often be found on 6th Avenue between 52nd and 55th Street wearing a cloak and Viking-style helmet, sometimes busking or selling music, but often just standing silent and still. He was widely recognized as "the Viking of 6th Avenue" by thousands of passersby and residents who had no idea that this seemingly homeless eccentric standing on "Moondog's corner" was a respected and recorded composer and musician.[1]

Mar 29, 15 8:33 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

another boom boom for Olaf

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - BOOM BOOM

checking out afreaka....

Mar 29, 15 8:37 am

Jeff Beck.

Mar 29, 15 7:39 pm
go do it

^ I saw Ole' Jeff with BB King 

Pretty bad ass

Mar 29, 15 7:41 pm

Beck smashed his guitar playing with the Yardbirds in Antonini's 1966 film Blow Up. 

Mar 29, 15 7:49 pm
go do it

revelator album  tedeschi trucks band  learn how to love


Waiting For Columbus - Live Deluxe  - Little Feat

Apr 8, 15 1:08 am

somehow i just learned about Moondog last year. AMAZING>>>>

Apr 8, 15 8:59 am

Glad I could bring up Moondog... even though toaster seems to be getting the credit...


The Black Angels Pandora station for today.

Apr 8, 15 2:35 pm

you get credit.

Apr 8, 15 10:25 pm

Excellent.  The blow to my ego was going to drive me to drinking.


The Heavy Pandora station for today.

Might change over to Roy Orbison or JJ Grey later. 

Apr 9, 15 8:36 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Moondog and drinking!

I like it.

Apr 9, 15 12:18 pm

this came to mind after listening to the start of the recent podcast

Apr 10, 15 3:38 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

We need to come up with a Moondog, Luc Ferrari, Alvin Lucier, Philip Glass, Scelsi Giacanti (sure I spelled that wrong) iannis xenakis drinking game! Arnold shoenberg and John cage get pot only....

Apr 10, 15 4:59 pm
go do it

This has to be one of the best versions of Night Life  it is by Dakota Staton

Apr 11, 15 11:08 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

as Donna would say - Props to senjohnblutarsky  and toasteroven for knowing their shit....

oh random play, why oh why this song


why am I working?

oh wait I'm also drinking, every time Moondog does what i take a shot of what? 

i need to know so i can bill accordingly....

Apr 18, 15 10:28 pm

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