What music are you listening to?

fictional\_/Christopher I tried the superstars of fighting the system 20 years later as an all-star group...

really shitty pop music to be honest.

Jul 23, 17 12:24 am

in case you're too young to know the difference


You should check out Urban Dance Squad, a Dutch band that inspired the sound of Beastie Boys, RATM and the Peppers


I doubt the inspired the Beastie Boys since Licensed to Ill came out before Urban Dance Squad existed. Most likely they heard the Beastie Boys on the radio and were inspired by the Beastie Beastie Boys were also a punk band doing rap. You can even google this and learn there is NO WAY they inspired the Beastie Boys.


you're also wrong about RATM, their sound preceded the stuff that sounds like RATM - i.e. Urban Dance Squad, and you're wrong about Peppers, as the peppers were touring before Urban Dance Squad existed...given the Hanson brothers post I should of known better.


I'm not wrong :) From the publication The 100 Greatest Bands of All Time, edited by David V. Moskovitz: "Check Your Head was the first major-label album iin which the Beastie Boys took control of their own musical production, recording it in their G-Son Studios (Atwater Village, California) and taking hip-hop in yet another direction as they returned to the live instrumentation of their punk rock origins. They were influenced by Dutch group Urban Dance Squad to return to their instruments."


And Rage Against the Machine was established after the members went to an Urban Dance Squad concert in Los Angeles, legend has it :) From The A-Z Of Rage Against The Machine: "We’ve already name-checked most of the heavy metal, rock, punk and hip-hop acts that inspired RATM’s Molotov cocktail of sound, but one band that rarely gets mentioned is Dutch crossover crew Urban Dance Squad. Formed in Amsterdam in 1986, they fused a multitude of genres (jazz, ska, reggae, funk, soul, hip-hop, rock and metal) in groundbreaking style, inspiring not just RATM but also fellow LA musical mixologists Fishbone and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you like all those bands, these guys are well worth checking out."


So yeah, Urban Dance Squad is where it's at.


so they played off each other since the other bands existed before them. also the moskowitz qoute only indicates the Beastie Boys went back to their instruments at some point in their careers which as noted preceeded Urban Dance Squad...i think someone and yourself are pushing their importance of this band a little too aggressively retroactively.


i did check them out and unfortunately they have that low grade European try at something very American except Demagogue since that songs sounds exacrly like RATM - 3 years later? i think your claim about inspiring "sound" only holds up if you admit -musicians listen to other musicians, other than that the sounds existed before they did....


No they didn't just play off each other, that's the thing. They played after UDS, they followed their energetic and catchy example. RATM was formed because of seeing an Urban Dance Squad concert in Los Angeles and the Beastie Boys did start to play their hip-hop with instruments instead of just samples (like they were playing with instruments in their punk phase) because UDS was doing the exact same thing and they toured together. There's a huge difference in the sound and the way Beastie Boys played before and after touring with Urban Dance Squad. But that's just my insider (common) knowledge as a Dutchman probably, since there aren't that many Dutch bands that had such an impact on the direction of music or were the inspiration for so many great bands that followed their lead.


I see it's a subtle point. they were doing this and then they did that because they saw this, samples vs instruments, etc.... but the sound is the same and was around at least 4 years (if you use Wikipedia as example to research the sound assuming you heard it before) who the hell knows who else who may have already doing this in their basements somewhere and we just noticed.


If it's in a book about the 100 greatest bands of all time, I think it's a given.


ok, I post here since I can't post above..point is same, all the radical - is pop absorption, not sure how else to explain it...but really there is nothing out there now, above any radar a white guy like myself might come across, righ?...could be Facebook or myspace with 1000 listeners or something, but not like's a buffer this internet.  you're yelling and it's absorbed by 500 people that already liked you.

So what Chuck D did,  is another level, perhaps never to be re-created.i it's pop now, wtf.

so I squeeze it in, some poetry

Jul 23, 17 12:41 am

Just finished listening to July in Brazil by David Byrne Radio 

Jul 23, 17 1:34 am

Shared misery is half misery.

Jul 25, 17 3:34 am

Came across this CD in my car after not hearing it for a while.

Jul 25, 17 7:48 pm
Non Sequitur

I've just fallen back into the Beastie Boys discography.

ain't no complains here.

Jul 25, 17 7:51 pm

Working evenings  μ-ziq

Jul 25, 17 10:56 pm

amazing. Almost two hours worth to support a sustained focus.

Jul 26, 17 11:06 am
Non Sequitur

When it's been one of those weeks, nothing else will do.

Jul 27, 17 9:48 pm

I agree and its been one of these week so let's take it up a notch.

and apparently all those Slayer fans I saw walking to the bus station tonight as I passed Madison Square Garden were going to the Slayer concert....

Jul 27, 17 10:24 pm
Non Sequitur

Good thing Slayer is in town then. Can you imagine if they were all dressed that way for a Martha Stewart talk?


hahaha....sounds like a brilliant plan, to attend a Martha Stewart talk in jean jackets with slayer patches \-/

a few I always find myself returning to

The Knife
Pacific UV
Fall of Troy

new ones I like

The Knocks
Felix Jaehn
The Magician
Run the Jewels
latest TLC album
Jul 27, 17 11:48 pm

Thanks to Urban Dance Squad got into Living Colour (again)

Jul 28, 17 3:47 am

This is my husband's go-to karayoke song!


.my guess due to copyright this movie will be off youtube shortly, but google will always help you find it.   Krush Groove (1985) (for friendly debating with radnomised)

Jul 28, 17 7:43 am

Pinegrove's Audiotree session is one of the best live performances I've ever seen.  Damn good music!

Jul 28, 17 7:58 am

And now for something completely different:

Jul 28, 17 8:43 am

jethro tull did it first (kidding!)


Jethro who?



clutch and primus (live) shortly.  you know you are an architect when you get cranky because you did not finish all your work and you are being forced to drink and watch good bands.....looking forward to Wynona's Big Brown Beaver ;)

Jul 28, 17 5:49 pm


Jul 29, 17 6:40 pm


Jul 29, 17 8:09 pm

1999 must have been a good year. 

Jul 29, 17 8:14 pm


Jul 29, 17 9:09 pm

kurt vile

Jul 29, 17 10:19 pm

by Spike (Wolters), who in his home studio created an impressive body of work nobody heard of, while never having worked a single day in his life and instead chose to be on welfare and smoke weed every day. When 30 years later being 'discovered' by the Golf Channel label

Aug 1, 17 6:29 am

Listen to Ikeda's work only on a low volume, especially when using headphones:

Aug 1, 17 7:44 am

that guy is amazing! you like Alva Noto?


Not yet, have to give it a listen.


Friday, late summer, skies are blue, clouds are drifting.

Aug 4, 17 12:48 pm

randomnised, ikeda inspired this bit a while back, it's pure data

Pop Gray

Aug 4, 17 11:57 pm

I like data.

the late David Bowie (early b-day present, the record, not his death)

Aug 5, 17 8:31 pm

Best beat maker/producer in hip-hop.

Aug 7, 17 4:22 am

Also, great video if you don't like the music, just put it on mute and enjoy :)

Wayne & Wax Live @ Picó Picante 6.22.12, h/t Javier Arbona. Also 'Lust for Life' has been on repeat on my Amazon Music - Prime Unlimited account lately.

Inspired, at least in part, by my recent watching of Jarmusch's recent 'Gimme Danger', which I can't recommend highly enough.

Aug 10, 17 11:56 pm

wordsmith - a skilled user of words.  George Carlin for sure, Bruce Springsteen is good...I think Bob Dylan sucks (yeah I said that outloud) ...from another thread digging up some of my favorite  LL Cool J - wordsmith

its cheesy, but one of my favorites

...Then I hung out with Mickey Mouse
He had two freaks, so we went to his house
Mickey's freak was ugly, but mine was def...

Aug 11, 17 5:52 pm

I love the part in the video where she is flying around with a huge tin foil headpiece shaped like an airplane and is holding a propeller in her mouth while still singing.

Aug 17, 17 9:17 pm

we saw her in Oakland recently, so good


There's a rabbit hole if you listen to this. It's really mostly used as background music, but it is so relaxing.

Aug 18, 17 12:33 am

two of the best videos EVER!

Aug 18, 17 8:28 pm

Julien Baker:

Aug 18, 17 9:46 pm


Aug 19, 17 11:50 am

for formal occasions

Aug 19, 17 7:15 pm

I've played this 15 times today, it's getting a little embarrasing


At least it's not 15 times Ed Sheeran ;)

I emailed the director to congratulate her


Ed Sheeran songs especially "Shape of You"

Aug 19, 17 11:45 pm

sadly, I do not know of this man


if that's an architectural theme, try this one

Aug 19, 17 11:54 pm

Yay, an architecture theme:

dEUS - The Architect:

Aug 20, 17 3:13 am

To die, to sleep-to sleep, maybe to dream... PROG rock

Aug 21, 17 4:51 am

Architecture theme... does this count?

Aug 21, 17 8:50 pm

My kids bought me Adele 21 on vinyl, yay me

Aug 21, 17 8:58 pm

Pale Lungs - Strawberry

People Like You - Verse

Aug 21, 17 9:16 pm

Days to come.

Aug 21, 17 10:03 pm

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