What music are you listening to?


I Never Came - Queens of the Stone Age

Oct 26, 17 10:34 am

Herbie Hancock is inhumanly good

Oct 27, 17 3:39 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

Yes he is.....and years later US3 sampled him in that rap song....

Sir Apple Chrissy
Sir Apple Chrissy

The way this moves between analog raw and the edge of electronic is mind blowing.

Sir Apple Chrissy

. i like beer though.

Oct 28, 17 12:19 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

wait my bad, I moved to NYC..

Oct 28, 17 12:27 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

for threadkilla...

Oct 28, 17 12:31 am

The man has worked with everybody from Miles Davis to Kanye West, and has re-defined nearly every genre that he has ventured into. A veritable living legend.

Sir Apple Chrissy

a legend most people don't know about....Empyrean Isles, one of the best albums I own.

Sir Apple Chrissy


Oct 29, 17 1:19 am
Sir Apple Chrissy


Oct 29, 17 1:27 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

as your resident DJ, very opposite of said put forth music, not Keith Green and not BT mood, some hard core funny British stuff, a tint of blues....Motley Crue tried it as well, with more the lyrics, it will be a bit more than you needed to know.  


Oct 29, 17 2:06 am

diabetes resistant. Happy HALLOWEEEEN.


Nov 1, 17 12:05 am

kurt vile

Nov 1, 17 5:56 pm

Currently playing, excellent soundtrack for work that requires mental concentration and figures.

Nov 2, 17 1:48 pm

My daughter likes to dance like Maddie. Ok, me too.

Nov 2, 17 7:43 pm

Radical Face is amazing song


Assignment help Australia

Nov 3, 17 3:14 am
Sir Apple Chrissy


Nov 3, 17 9:09 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

BT is good for about 6 beers, and then you have to turn it up a notch ;)

Nov 3, 17 11:29 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

via the youtube wormhole, two comparison songs here, lyrically, you may know the first but less the second

nearly same lyrics, in concept/theme

Nov 3, 17 11:56 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

doing massive research on brick and code for NYC...and this video works

Nov 4, 17 12:45 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

the OI wormhole continues...this one is chipper

Nov 4, 17 1:33 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

when i hear whack rhymes i get  fed up

Nov 5, 17 11:16 pm

Now that the depressing grey skies of New York winter are settling in, I've been trying to get my Vitamin D via Marcos Valle's "Previsão Do Tempo" album. 

Nov 6, 17 8:31 am
Ben Hensel

Tom Waits. Jazz. Sinatra. A bit of a range of emotion there, but as is the nature of design.

Nov 6, 17 11:34 am

Love Galore - SZA

Nov 8, 17 11:45 am

orange and blue like the fall sky.

Nov 8, 17 8:40 pm


Nov 8, 17 9:17 pm

Found myself listening to a German hip hop stream for some weird reason, here's the link:

Nov 9, 17 6:37 am

this stuff is gold

Nov 11, 17 2:40 pm

Jack Stratton's moves are just too damn good


I started with the Christmas music. 

Nov 13, 17 1:49 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

this remix is growing on me

Nov 18, 17 7:06 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

R.I.P. Malcolm Young.

Nov 18, 17 9:23 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

we played a lot of his stuff in high school  and the french horns always had the most bad ass parts (after a google search it makes sense now)

Nov 19, 17 10:02 pm

I love indie
Today I was listening this song

Nov 20, 17 4:42 pm


Nov 21, 17 5:03 pm

Royal Blood, Kasabian and M83... just got Royal Blood's How did we get so Dark on vinyl and am loving it so far.

Nov 21, 17 11:02 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

M83 is awesome!

Sir Apple Chrissy

around 4 mins +/-

Nov 22, 17 9:42 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

the title says it all....on repeat, repeat, planning jam music

Nov 24, 17 10:02 am

Discovered this minimalist dj named Max Cooper. He recently collaborated with Zaha Hadid for an audio visual mapping project. He apparently has a PhD in computational biology as well. His stuff in soundcloud is pretty rad. His music gets used in a lot of architectural walkthrough presentations. Apart from him, I have my staple post-punk / synth-pop / indie mix of Joy Division, New Order, Interpol, Radio Dept, etc. and lots of Placebo. 

Nov 27, 17 10:02 pm

My soundtrack for a photoshopping-session (for a competition):

The Godfather of Hardcore

Nov 28, 17 7:53 am
go do it

this is a little heavy but very powerful.


feels like an anti-war song

Nov 29, 17 10:17 pm

Into the trees.

Dec 7, 17 10:30 am

Singing this to the six-month-old.

Dec 7, 17 10:43 am


Dec 7, 17 1:03 pm

I look forward to this list every year:

Dec 7, 17 1:14 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

1601. top of the morning to ya!

Dec 9, 17 10:18 am

1602. Morning!

Dec 11, 17 4:22 am

Good morning.

Dec 11, 17 9:31 am

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