Name that Architect and Building!!!


To encourage exploration of various architects and buildings, I will post an image of a new building on a weekly basis, so we may all play "Name that Architect and Building!!!". Sorry to be lame, but I'm sort of tired of hearing how wonderful Rem is or how everyone hates Gehry. Let's get some other guys on the table, instead of regurgitating the same thing. Anyway,

I hope this link works

Aug 21, 07 10:40 am
el jeffe


Aug 21, 07 10:45 am
el jeffe

whoops - overposting tuesdays....

Aug 21, 07 10:45 am

phillip seymour hofman?

Aug 21, 07 11:02 am
liberty bell

This was a basic image in our architecture history class. Seriously, are "you kids" not learning about VSBA these days? ;-)

Aug 21, 07 11:10 am

Actually, the building was done by Venturi and Rauch.

Aug 21, 07 11:33 am

so how does this work then? the first person to guess correctly gets to choose the next building?

Aug 21, 07 11:37 am
liberty bell

Ah, thanks for the correction, supernal.

Aug 21, 07 11:38 am

its a copy of my 'guess the lyrics' thread which was, in case you dont recall, wildly popular! first one to get it post a new building! go go go

Aug 21, 07 11:38 am

i dont like the 'tude in that post... please ignore it

Aug 21, 07 11:43 am

That sounds good, who ever gets the building and architect right first, moves on to post the next one.

Ready, set, go!

Aug 21, 07 12:08 pm
liberty bell

supernal, please post your contribution....

Aug 21, 07 12:13 pm

No one named the building yet--Columbus [Indiana] Fire Station.

Will post next image soon.

Aug 21, 07 12:27 pm

can you at least post a pic of a building that isn't flipping me off?

Aug 21, 07 12:40 pm

hint: one of the 'transformations'--structural form: expressionism 1962-71

Aug 21, 07 12:45 pm

mmm...guessing here but the above project could be from Gottfried Bohm?

Aug 21, 07 1:04 pm

that's not it, but very good guess. same language, but not same country. and to be honest I never even heard of the architect until recently

Aug 21, 07 1:20 pm
won and done williams

supernal, that's a tough one. i have a feeling whoever figures this out will have had to have visited the project. i'm eager to find out who this brutalist is.

Aug 21, 07 1:26 pm


Heremence, Switzerland

Architect - Walter Maria Forderer

Aug 21, 07 1:41 pm

Congratulations! mdler reads drexler.

Aug 21, 07 1:44 pm

Actually, the project is in the July issue of Interior Design magazine...

my turn

Aug 21, 07 1:46 pm

conoid studio by george nakashima

Aug 21, 07 1:50 pm

i personally just recognized the furniture.

Aug 21, 07 2:06 pm

contemporary building may have been published once
or twice.

Aug 21, 07 3:57 pm
A Center for Ants?

easy. my ex-girlfriend went to school there and i saw that whole thing go up. parked in it a few times too.

wellesley college police station/parking structure adj. to their new student center by mack scogin merril elam ...

Aug 21, 07 4:44 pm
A Center for Ants?

oh. the pkg structure is actually known as "Davis Parking"

Aug 21, 07 4:47 pm

yup yup.

Aug 21, 07 4:48 pm

(sorry to interject, but just noticed jafidler's post above)

jafidler, you might be interested in looking through Arthur Drexler's Transformations in Modern Architecture (MoMA exhibition book, 1979). It's full of less well known 1960s-1970s buildings that look very inspiring today. Got a copy via eBay about a year ago and it's interesting to now look for images of the buildings online. I've been planning a 'reenactment' of the 1979 exhibition at Quondam for several months now. Looks like it will finally happen.

Aug 21, 07 5:05 pm
A Center for Ants?

guess it's my turn? continuing on college campuses...

Aug 21, 07 5:06 pm

posted this on my blog any guesses?

Aug 21, 07 7:13 pm

'philia, is that by felix candela?

Aug 22, 07 1:45 pm

St. Louis Abbey (or the Priory Chapel)
Gyo Obata of Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum (HOK) with Pier Luigi Nervi, consultant
the image url is a give away

a center for ants?, can you provide more of the building? or should we just move on?

Aug 22, 07 1:54 pm
A Center for Ants?

i'll post some images... but the URLs are giveaways so no cheating...

apologize for the large images...

Aug 22, 07 5:33 pm

i am trying hard not to cheat, but it smells like charles moore to me...knowing that it's in a college campus would be enough for me to do some research and find out if it's him, and what building is it...but i don't know if that would be cheating

Aug 22, 07 5:40 pm

so i know it's charles moore now..kind of new it at first..just couldn't
find an image to prove it.

Aug 22, 07 5:40 pm

so, what are the game rules...would internet research (without looking at your images url be considered cheating?), or do you have to know the architect and specific building by memory alone?

Aug 22, 07 5:44 pm

williams college museum of art by charles moore 1981 or so

and i didn't cheat with the url..i just saw the second image yesterday
when i was trying to figure out where the column image was from.

Aug 22, 07 5:45 pm

i think the fun part is bein allowed to try and do some research
going with a hunch and proving it to be correct.

Aug 22, 07 5:46 pm

lars...see...i recognized that pomo stench right away!

Aug 22, 07 5:48 pm

a building i admire every time i visit architect..not in the u.s.

Aug 22, 07 7:12 pm

should be more like ' a building that i greatly admire and visit
whenever i get the chance..'

Aug 22, 07 7:16 pm

Storhamar Farm, Sverre Fehn ?

Aug 22, 07 7:34 pm
A Center for Ants?

bravo lars. went there for undergrad. the capitals are roll-your-eyes attributed to the ironic" order.

Aug 22, 07 7:37 pm

more specific:
Barn from Storhamar Farn--Hedmarksmuseet, Sverre Fehn

Aug 22, 07 7:41 pm

well that was quick...wasn't sure if that building was obscure or not..

Aug 22, 07 7:45 pm

lars, very obscure for me, sensed it was scadinavian so googled fehn (lucky guess) barn and a similar image showed up, followed links. very neat building; inside looks way cool.

now I think of whats next...stay tuned

Aug 22, 07 7:48 pm

it's a very nice collection of buildings actually...he's actually added
a couple buildings fairly recently that are also pretty nice.

Aug 22, 07 7:53 pm
Aug 22, 07 7:57 pm

hey Orhan, you have to guess correctly to post a picture. you're stepping on some toes here! ;-)
if I could I'd bitch slap you right now

I'm still posting my next pic!

btw, that building looks very reminisent of some school building Giurgola did in Italy in the early 1980s

Aug 22, 07 8:04 pm

was there rule like that? i sorry. it ain't gargonzola btw.

Aug 22, 07 8:13 pm

1920s, not my neighborhood, though I wish it was

Aug 22, 07 8:19 pm

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