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I don't know Mr. Curtis. I just haven't bother with getting clients for building design stuff for the past number of months. I haven't been to incline with the idea of working full-time just to get paid equal to or less than what a typical stock house plan cost. I value getting paid fairly for the time and expense that it takes to do this work. 

People just don't seem to be willing to pay for this kind of service so I decided to basically stop providing those services. 

Nov 23, 17 9:21 pm

I'm transitioning my practice to Owner/Builder. The clients are too clueless and it gets old explaining every detail to them over and over.


You kind of have to have access to money to buy properties, do the build and all that kind of stuff. Access to that kind of capital is hard to come by unless you A) live near people with money, B) friends with them, and C) Have a project they are interested in investing, and D) They are willing to put up with the ROI cycle for this kind of investment.

In any case, I wish you best. Not against the idea of such transitions. In my case, I've found that access to that kind of capital is not available and I'm not in their scene. I just can't embrace that kind of culture. 

I've found access to capital for projects easier in other fields.

To quote a movie: "Where there is the will...there is a way."


i believe that's "where there's a whip, there's a way"

Sexy Beast, 2000

Good movie, a little dark.


"Every serious multi-family housing studio leader should have a deep passion and portfolio in award-winning mixed-use, market rate, and affordable housing along with superior communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively.


You are more than an architect; you are the builder of communities, the voice of the people, and the redliner of the AIA Housing Awards. You not only can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo, you know the secret to setting up those ice cubes juuuuuust so in order to lower heating costs and improve marketability.

You want to lead, and reap the profits of your efforts, and work with some of the most creative, fun and progressive people in our industry, and eat chocolate-covered potato chips.

Guess what? We have the job for you.

JLG Architects is seeking a Practice Leader for our Multi-Family Housing studio. Not just any Practice Leader, mind you. The JLGdwell Practice Leader:"

Yes, people still think this acceptable.

Nov 25, 17 1:49 pm

Job = no. Occupation = yes.

well, that's impressive...


This ad just reeks of "whites only".

I'm sure there are others who would be applicable... Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks for example...


More of the kind of high falutin bullshit that makes architects insufferable


See or stay

Tours and an overnight stay are among opportunities for county residents to see the inside of the new Ward County Detention Center.

Public tours are scheduled for next Monday from 3 to 6 p.m. Entrance to the jail is on the north side.

The Ward County Sheriff's Office also is taking applications from residents interested in becoming the first to try out the new jail's accommodations while raising money for the Domestic Violence Crisis Center. Participants will undergo mock arrest and booking on Dec. 1. Officers will transport them to the jail, where they don orange jumpsuits to spend the night. They will be served an evening meal and breakfast before release.

The $50 cost paid by each participant will be matched by the St. Joseph's Community Health Foundation to provide a $100 donation to the crisis center.

As of Monday, 22 people had signed up. There is a limit of 50 participants.

"Ask him how he moved so far right, and he declares that public discourse has become “so toxic that there’s no way to effectively lobby for interests that involve white people.” He name-drops Murray Rothbard and Hans-Hermann Hoppe, architects of “anarcho-capitalism,” with its idea that free markets serve as better societal regulators than the state. And he refers to the 2013 science-fiction movie “Pacific Rim,” in which society is attacked by massive monsters that emerge from beneath the Pacific Ocean."

Makes you think about Schumacher.
Nov 25, 17 4:20 pm
Positive Pete

How does Darth Macher sound?

Positive Pete

Or Darth Marcher?

Just got another new client. Yay me, practicing and all.

Nov 26, 17 5:25 pm
Positive Pete

i am watching the Grey Cup.  CFL is a fast game,i like it.

Nov 26, 17 7:49 pm

3 and out

Positive Pete

Yes but that makes the 1st and 2nd downs more intense. Lots of passing and the whole .motion forward on the wide recievers help (like arena ball). This game is low scoring compared to othe CFL games i have watched

I actually watched part of a soccer game, in my defense, I was there for the food.


Hey, fictional, you see where Preet Bharara grew up?

Positive Pete

Not far from bites in tinton falls yet...

Positive Pete

No bites...damn phone

Positive Pete

You went too school with him?


we graduated high school the same year, but he was in a snooty prep school, and we definitely hung in different circles.

Positive Pete

He seemed too media buttered up on tv today...i imagine beta as a more kevin smith nj devils comic strip NJ type. Preet a little more serious,probably just learning about comics and hockey now...all the validictorians i knew grew up much later in life...

for all i know, "grew up" is a porous subject.

Positive Pete

All is porous

Non Sequitur

That was a great game Chris.

Positive Pete

Yes it was.

I remember listening to a 93 year old one time, and thinking: wow, I thought she would have it all figured out by now, but clearly she does not.

So DMX just released a cover of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer that is sadly disappointing. It just isn't a DMX song without the f word and references to genitalia. 

Nov 29, 17 1:29 pm

Nothing a few minutes in Audacity can't fix.


Really missed an opportunity there to dress up like Santa and throw presents at kids screaming 'X GON GIVE IT TO YA'

5 CEU to go, nail-biter.

Nov 29, 17 9:59 pm

Thanks for the reminder - I know what I'm doing this weekend.

I used to be more receptive to the CEU, this year it is like torture.

Hi TC! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I spent my mine skiing, since the missus was back East.

Also, wanted to share this re: what $550,000 will get you in New Mexico... What a view!

"Designed by Michael Reynolds, a longtime practitioner of sustainable architecture, the house is built with earth-filled tires that retain and release heat. Despite the region’s extreme weather conditions, the temperature inside is consistently about 70 degrees. The house produces its own electricity, collects and filters water from rain and snowmelt, and treats sewage on site. Gray water is recycled for plants in a greenhouse that runs the length of the building and includes a fishpond. Natural ventilation is provided through buried cooling tubes and operable vent boxes."

Nov 30, 17 1:02 am
Tinbeary There there

seems pricey for an earthship in the middle of NM. Does it include land?


Partially related to this: While I was taking a course at the college, one assignment is to create an e-portfolio. 

Here is the e-portfolio site:

You might ask what does this relate to the subject, just click on the HOPES 18 Conference - Design Charrette. This is an academic exercise and not an actual construction document. In no way would I dare do that. There was two landscape architecture students, a student in ecology design and then my background in building design basically places me in the "Project Architect" role so to speak. I was very explicit that the project may not be used for permit process. 

Hey, not bad to go from the simple "project program" to parti to basically a schematic design and physical model (thanks landscape architecture students involved) in 5 days. Yeah, 5 days, around the clock along with the other classes. The submission due was extended to be the 5 days I mentioned. The turned in stuff is still at UO that last I recall. Sorry, I don't have every possible record or the quality of the photos off the iPad.

The e-portfolio is a work in progress.


For the curved "blue" line dividing the "Library" from the Lobby would have been something commercial (and automated by sensors) akin to: 


as these would be representative to the intent. I hope that helps understand the design a bit and it fits into essentially why the design is this way.


Another curved sliding door example which would also be implemented in the "lobby" area on the ground level.

It would just be curved for the intended direction and curve radius. I know, the follow up messages are focused on the curved glass walls and automated sliding door systems.


I'd recommend not mentioning in your portfolio or future interviews how long that charrette took. I was just on a jury for a 6-hour 1-day charrette where almost all of the 2-person teams of students had more developed end products, even though no computers were allowed. Also you should just say "Landscape Student from [School X]" - not "2 landscape students whose names I forgot"!


Thank you for the feedback. I'll probably amend that under your suggestion. I'll probably just amend to say, "Two Landscape Architecture students from University of Oregon" or something like that since they were in the landscape architecture program.


That seems fine. You should probably get somebody to do a once-over of the whole site for grammar and such, if you're planning to leave it up. Things like "I have took" tend to jump out. I only skimmed 2 pages and saw at least 20 of them.


e-portfolios by nature are dynamic and would continually be updated. It wasn't meant to be "completed" per se. The class I took which is part of the historic preservation degree program at the community college is an "Intro to historic preservation" class which wasn't an original requirement when I started. The idea is that it would be a work in progress and that students in the program would continue to develop it as they go through the degree program. 

It isn't a bad idea for students to develop an e-portfolio over the course of their education. 

During the capstone (directed projects class for that degree program), they will be re-present the e-portfolio which should show significant refinement, additional items on the e-portfolio that represents what they had learned throughout their course of study. In spring term in 2018, I will need to continue work on the e-portfolio and re-present it at that time along with the actual 'capstone project'. Therefore, I appreciate your feedback. I only paused a little bit since December 5, 2017 for grading purposes. 

I will go over the grammar and such, between now and spring term (likely sometime next week) and continue to refine it. Like you said, I should address those issues, if I plan to leave it up. 

As was expressed in class, it is a 'living document' in that it would be continually edited and updated. If you don't mind to periodically review and give feedback, say again in February/March and then in Spring term as it helps to have another pair of eyes look at it that can provide constructive feedback as you are doing right now. Thank you.

When people click on a link they judge the site by the first things they see. They mostly don't care if it is a living document. They just have a reaction. And if a thing is not ready for prime time, you probably lose most of them for ever. So I'm not sure if that aligns with what one is trying to achieve. It questions what is the value of the content being public before it is ready for prime time.


Love me some Earthships.

Nov 30, 17 5:36 pm

that and edible cannabis


*Legal* edible cannabis. Thanks Oregon!

Here in lovely Marin one just needs a recommendation and can get it delivered to the door legally.

I wonder how well it actually performs. And how far it is to the grocery store.

Nov 30, 17 9:39 pm



Green house


With exceptions, they perform fairly well but require some engagement. I think a lot of the complaints people have about discomfort in Earthships stem from our idea - made commonplace by generations of active HVAC - that systems of comfort are "set and forget" mechanisms. 

re "Grocery store", one of my biggest hangups about Earthships so far is that they only seem to be built in remote rural areas. I can't help but wonder how much of the energy saved by the house itself is offset by the fact that its inhabitants regularly need to drive 50+ miles per day to go about their lives. Ideally the house provides food for its inhabitants, but even in the best case scenario I don't think that's realistic, and without some kind of disaster or societal collapse that would necessitate the Earthships' inhabitants to subsist solely on the products of their land, people simply aren't that disciplined.

Full disclosure I worked on a build crew in 2010. I learned a lot about sustainable building techniques, and a lot about the very human failings of people who are held up as idols.

Dec 1, 17 4:34 pm

They are situated in remote areas because that's where it's relatively affordable to buy the required land needed to be somewhat self-sufficient. My problem with Earthships is, that it only works because of other people's waste, doesn't work on a larger scale, and it's not an alternative for the problems we are facing at large, it's a cop out for a lucky few. Only look at the amount of land required to partly sustain one single house, if everybody would live like that, there's simply not enough land, old tires, empty bottles or used car batteries around.

It's always a mind twister the first time you find out that your adored mentor is a frail human being who is just as screwed up as everyone else, if not more so.

What I've found is that people who truly excel at one thing are absolutely awful at something else. It's a matter of balance. 

Dec 1, 17 7:07 pm

Archinect should remove the archi_dude account for being an asshole.

Dec 1, 17 10:09 pm

Thank you fake Jesus for the ignore button and also $500,000,000 of stupid money.

Dec 2, 17 3:02 pm
I’m making an adult sized barbaloot suit for my studio uniform but in warm grey
Dec 2, 17 11:43 pm

Make an adult size diaper and shit in it Curtis

Dec 2, 17 11:45 pm
Dec 2, 17 11:45 pm
Dec 2, 17 11:45 pm
Diaper lack R value
Dec 2, 17 11:46 pm

Diapers are actually collected and reused in Earthships for their water retention qualities, and so we've come full circle :)

I'm thinking the inside will be pajama material but the outside will be a barbaloot. I am going to wear it all day like an office uniform


Dear lord, hope the drama in the other thread won't drive away one of our most prominent forumite (DC) all because of some petty squabbling over a minute issue.

Dec 3, 17 2:47 am

False accusations, repeatedly issued by specific people, that a specific host allows, is not a minute issue.

thank you for the forumite, I learned a new word

Funny, due to blocks I was missing the self-immolation thread. Had to lift them to find DC channeling RB, but without the grace. 

Too much forum posting is a sign that one's reality is not working.

Dec 3, 17 9:41 am

And your reality in Trump land, how is that working for you?

Positive Pete

Barely noticed a change other than the economy is up...funny how reality actually works. I only have rb in block. I blocked dc once for a week it was like archinect was a ghost town...

M keeps asking me how I can remain calm in the face of Trump. I find not following his Twitter feed helps.

Trump is irrelevant when the entire system is fraud. Stop being duped by the obvious Weapon of Mass Distraction.

Self immolation thread also good band name
Dec 3, 17 2:12 pm

How can the dumpster fire threads make it to hall of fame status if they get deleted?

Dec 3, 17 2:44 pm
Non Sequitur

they get canned if it gets too racist or, in your case, predatory.

predatory would be a good tag line. edgy and now


Aw, what'd I miss?

I was beset by annon trolls as is sometimes the case.

Dec 3, 17 7:31 pm
Positive Pete

what is DC saying? I have him on "ignore".  Seems to say a lot

Dec 3, 17 8:24 pm
Positive Pete

going to have to unblock DC for this one...and nowhere else to post this.  But quite possibly the most pathetic excuse for humanity in a commercial right here.  Every visual and scripted part here is completely delusional and detrimental to human society...

Dec 3, 17 9:02 pm

Yes, had to put a filter on the email too because blocks don't seem to work on notifications - which I can't figure out how to stop.

One can go outside and stuff


Did Microsoft update the Windows logo on their Surface tablets?



Dec 4, 17 2:53 pm
Positive Pete

Did you try the phone number yet?


not interested in becoming a member of that, thanks

Positive Pete

Maybe its some pizzeria on the other end...what area code is that?


italy, but if you google the number, it's been all over for a while, it took him a while to get here.


I would imagine a cult secretly running the world would not need to advertise. But what do I know? I'm not running the world.

Dec 4, 17 3:50 pm

Maybe you are, and this post is meant to turn our attention away from your evil plot. Well... I'm on to you. Confess!!

it seems to be a training program, so likely not associated with the actual licensed people


he is not of the cult, just here to help you become a member, call him

Do cults issue licenses?


I heard they're very licentious.

on a good day, perhaps


The "wright place".  I see what you did there antoniocaso.  

Dec 4, 17 3:55 pm
Positive Pete


The line on Orange Doofus is about 1 more year, if history repeats.

Dec 4, 17 4:13 pm

Pretty neat how he's currently under investigation for the exact corruption the GOP warned us about Hillary *and* the exact sexual harrassment the GOP warned us about Bill.

Say what you will, it takes a pretty special person to be both Clintons at once.

They say diet is important


From what I hear he does eat as much as two average people.

Bill also liked the McD

Tinbeary There there

I finally got paid for work I did in August. Didn't have to take anybody to court at least. I'm celebrating by getting an eggnog latte from Starbucks. I ordered a medium. They said "Tall?" I said no, medium. Speaking of cults. I don't get their ordering rules. 

Dec 6, 17 9:44 am


Tinbeary There there

Distracted. The latte was worth it.

Congrats. Sucks to have to say that for something that should have happened as a matter of course. I'll bet you never thought you'd be running collection agency when you signed up for architecture.

I settled with the East Bay flipper idiot. I gave him a discount due to the profanities I issued.

wurdan freo

Are you laughing all the way to the bank? Or just relieved? :)


Ever notice Starbucks's names for sizes are all some version of 'large' ?


No, hadn't noticed since I only drink real coffee.

Positive Pete

Starbucks? Isnt that free office space in the city? Coffee is for depressed people who have trouble waking up in the morning.

Tinbeary There there

Coffee is for depressed people says the red bull drinker. I literally go to Starbucks twice a year just to see if they still think tall means medium. I did not go to the bank, money is electronic. I went shopping.

Tinbeary There there

The eggnog thing was really really good tho.

Tinbeary There there

Bench, exactly. They always give deep eye contact too. And act like we're great friends that have known each other for years. So elegantly casual, kind, helpful, and friendly. A cult.


I can just about predict how much David Curtis has had to drink based on the frequency & solipsism of his posts here.

Dec 6, 17 11:55 am

see also: defamation


I never said it was a bad thing.

plus today you are technically wrong, cold meds

I once had a simultaneous defamation between me and the Brad Blog statement to krxa radio attorney. But in my case what I was saying about him (Brad Blog) was true...of course


i just fired my client.

Dec 6, 17 11:19 pm

Hope you best. Client was probably unworkable.


Did you give them a severance discount?

3 (fired clients) is the record so far for 2017 but we have a few weeks to go.

Tinbeary There there


Just saying, these are current teaching job listings. I hope you can use if interested..


Dec 7, 17 9:42 pm

the list is from ACSA.


That's quite a list


I wonder how many of these jobs already are "filled" and these ads are just to collect resumes so they can say that the anointed candidate was chosen in a competitive process.

Let's say 50%?

Positive Pete

they post those for legal reasons, but it's always an inside connection in the end.

so more than 50%


Well, I had several interviews for different academic positions and am definitely not an inside connection, would they bother setting up bogus interviews with multiple candidates if they know from the start who's going to get it? That seems like such a waste of everyone's time. I didn't get those jobs in the end but hope because someone else was more qualified. Better luck next time, perhaps...

there is waste in every system


Randomised, that dog-and-pony show is sometimes done because a formal search process is mandated (by the institution, and/or state gov't in the case of state schools), in all its glorious steps-- despite having a candidate in house or in mind.

Of course, some searches don't have forgone conclusions and are legit.  But you can never know for sure as an applicant. At the very least, it's good practice, but frustrating nonetheless.

Tinbeary There there

I spot checked 5 randomly to see if any required any actual experience in the field. None did. Why the heck is experience not something academia values? What a circus.


Agreed, though the specific assignment would impact this, since faculties tend to be fairly compartmentalized. History, theory, computation, etc. would not be seen as needing practical/ office experience. It's usually the small army of part-time adjunct-practitioners who are used to fill that need, one studio at a time.

Tinbeary, yes, however, the real world experience of architecture potentially could become a plus factor during the interview and the final evaluation.

Positive Pete

"don't trust the police." Says the bus driver at 1:45am

"When you get to Lakewood ask the security guard where to get your ticket to Atlantic City." Bus driver

"Oh my god,we have our rental car here but what should we do.  They said bus 320 and then they said.." - 2 Asian girls

"Use your brains.  At ease.  Get there in Lakewood and ask the security guard." Bus driver

"Thank you sir, thank you." - 2 Asian girls

The seemingly homeless man had more knowledge about the bus schedules than our bus driver.  Our bus driver appeared hopped up, but maybe he just was a kid way into it and over the years of probably getting fucked by the police had learned he was indeed different, hence the night run bus service.

Different critters run at night. Makes you wonder, would he had been special in 1880? Like thermodynamics special?

I had just taken a cab ride with a Paki who yelled "bitch get out of way" at some drunk white girl in the Lower East Side (LES).  He also did a U-turn for me, I tipped him well.  

The LES used to be scum of the earth territory and now it is fruity botique gentrified.

We were at a bar just south of Tompkins Square park named after cumming.  As the drag queen hostess noted "I took it like a lady, not in the ass but all over my face.  First show where I got fucked before performing...and here is Suburbia!" ..  at crowd warmups she asked the crowd to yell out their frustrations.

I did not yell, not frustrated, but the 3 Emo 'ish boys who made out profusely thereafter did. 3 ways never makes since, liberate yourself and get focused. One of those emo kids is going to be left out.  

This bar had the grungy feel of the former LES, a ridiculous cover payment, a supposedly straight sexy Argentine bartender who got our female friend  excited, paintings of orgies with lots of cock, and on the day of the santa con night - 3 beefcakes shaking their shaved asses for dough in santa hats.  Did they stuff their speedos?  I played football with a guy that did, and don't ask me why he did....

As i waited to take a piss i was stuck with the Mike Piazza look-a-like handle bar mustache stripper for like 3 minutes. I spent most my time looking at the lighting,the straight ass was not doing it for me. The dude behind me was confused.  Most gay men have straight-dar and this guy apparently did not, seemed anxious.  What kind of bar has a line to take a piss for men; a gay bar apparently.

Well anyway..i was there  with my brother from another mother.  That is a 10 Things to do in Denver line...I was there with my bro from undergrad who came out eventually and he was there with his man. 

We did the usual catch up and stories from the glory days.  We discussed why you might vote Republican? We had earned our earnings we had been the boss and self employers we wanted tax breaks and the rest of the party had gone to shit (aka Trump).

You can have these ideological debates with straight  asses (a mans ass) pleading for cash. The horny dudes grabbed the stippers asses and no one was kicked out.  Try probing a titty at a straight strip club- they will throw you out immediately.  For visual purposes - A womans ass is like an hour glass, not straight.

I told my bro,look the Chinese and the Saudis see NYC as a safety deposit box because this is NYC the most rational liberal world backed by the most badass military the USA- read financially stable.

Break: as i wait for my uber at 245am i have now witnessed my 2nd drunk driver hit something off route 9 in NJ...funny shit this late night snow blanket NJ...

But who was Suburbia? The black dude who looked like a bird who passed  me while mike piazza beefacke shook his straight ass as i waited to piss.

Suburbia was a black drag queen.

Dec 10, 17 2:47 am

i went to sleep about 10:00 after watching something completely unmemorable on netflix. don't even remember what i watched.

i suppose the story of my night lacks the evocative imagination it could have, but it's a pretty good life nonetheless. 

Positive Pete

I think the break and 2nd last paragraph killed the story above...but yeah pretty much based on real events...and having had a long discussion with someone who grew-up in Brooklyn recently about the LES, the events I couldn't planned better, I am pretty sure I heard the guy/girls? name was suburbia, and I thought well I have a 1 hour ride to by bus, might as well write about it. my Uber driver at 3am was a woman, she had that raspy bartender voice, but I really thought she was nuts doing Uber 3am...I prefer slow nights actually on the weekends, I'm too old for this shit these days...


I watched Live at the Apollo last night, Nish Kumar is really funny in a smart way. One of my new favourite comedians...he even explained gentrification.

Positive Pete

looking it up...and apparently there is a pic of Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper hanging at the place we visited...but couldn't find the show we saw...

I like the existing conditions documents to sort of match the existing conditions. It is a thing.

Dec 10, 17 3:39 pm
NJ, where dreams go to get shot, and put on life support.
Dec 11, 17 1:19 pm

sometimes dreams are thrown into the river


In NJ, that would be too

sometimes dreams are rented


The rent, is too damn high.

so are the sex workers


Do tell.

If the rent is too high, the sex workers are likely also too high. Because logic.

Positive Pete

tell me about it!(above above, no DC)

Tinbeary There there

I just bought a faux fur coat. My little present for getting licensed this year. 

Dec 12, 17 12:51 pm

Beware the rascal throwing faux paint...

And kudos on licensure!

Yay! I still haven't bought a licensure present for myself. I have a couple of ideas, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Also, too busy adulting and being responsible with my money ... or something like that.

Tinbeary There there

I would recommend the fur coat but I don't know if men can do those... Anything that makes you feel like a million bucks. What are your ideas?

I might be able to pull off a faux fur coat ... probably depends on the context. I don't think I could pull it off as a fashion statement. I'm probably more of a let's hang out around a campfire fur coat kind of guy. Other ideas for a licensure present are more focused on technology rather than fashion. New camera, new tablet, etc. Though I have thought about getting a new suit and some dress shirts tailored.


Buy a shearling coat. Real fur. Men can wear it. Warm as hell.

Tinbeary There there

Now I want a fur sleeping bag.

Tinbeary There there

I have a shearling coat. Used to be my favorite. Good idea.

I recommend the AF surplus pilot sleeping bag. It is so toasty I have to leave the zipper open. It's designed for when you get shot down on a snow capped mountain and live.


I tried on a faux fur coat in a thrift store. It was blue. It made me look like Cookie Monster.

Tinbeary There there

mmm cookie.

I’m on a conference call and one of the people is being a TOTAL BABY and having a self righteous tantrum. S/he must be a Moore voter.
Dec 13, 17 11:37 am

I hang up on people like that

then they try to call back, good times


Fuuuuuck this company.

Dec 13, 17 1:59 pm

Hmmm.... I suppose we boycott any business that makes $10 Million or more a year.

There is a new Natalie Portman movie. That is all.

Dec 14, 17 7:58 pm

Georgia Pacific is owned by the Koch Brothers... I've been specifying USG as a sole-source for gypsum and cementitious products ever since I found out about this.

Dec 15, 17 11:03 am

Thx for this archanonymous.

NO! This type of thing should NOT be happening. We are architects, not advocates. Why are you advocating our own personal causes and politics with your clients' money when they are (probably*) not asking you to do it? 

*If a client gave specific instructions to boycott, that's fine ... it's their money if they want to boycott something, not yours.

Positive Pete

Fuckin stupid...(EA is correct) will change nothing and prove nothing and its a total farce to think this type of behavior is acceptable and honest. With that logic you should probably boycott everything and hand craft your entire existence...

I'm not a robot

I don’t see a problem with not spec’ing certain products. If client wants to use them then they can sign off on it. They can’t force us to put our stamp on products we don’t feel comfortable using.

I try to avoid gypsum products, but it is difficult at times

Not a robot, it's one thing to not spec certain products for architectural reasons. It's a completely different thing to do it for political reasons. Would your clients even know the reason you didn't spec it so they could sign off on it instead? Do you have a meeting to explain all the products you boycott? Do you give the client a list? Or are you just using your position of authority to further your political agenda without your clients' consent?

I saw The Last Jedi last night. My face during the movie:

Dec 15, 17 11:29 am

Is that a good thing or not?

Sooooo jealous!

Oh it's a damn good thing. To me, it is on Empire's level. Maybe even surpasses it (will judge after watching a couple more times). I'm not going to say more since I don't want to spoil it.

My son confirms your experience.

I think I'm going to go see it again tomorrow. I will say that I can see why some people hate it. It seems like a lot of people kind of just wanted the ESB remake, and that just is not this movie. I'm in the let Rian Johnson direct all Star Wars movies from now on camp.

I am hoping my neighbor's dogs get so depressed they eat him.

Dec 15, 17 3:00 pm

too much barking at the cats?

I don't know what he does, but he is never home and his dogs have been crying for 6 years. Several neighbors have reported him several times. He must bribe the animal control guys.

Non Sequitur

NHL Alumni game on the hill in front of the Canadian Parliament buildings tonight.  Try doing that in DC. Jealous? Of course you all are.

Drinking, has already begun while finishing up the week in preparation for the cold and snow.

Dec 15, 17 3:56 pm

There is no such thing as pre-drinking.

Non Sequitur

who said anything about pre? 8-)

enjoy it while it lasts (the internet)

Non Sequitur

the FCC does not have jurisdiction here. We did not an orange doofus afterall.

Would you like to borrow ours?


The internet is like being in international waters.

Dec 16, 17 1:17 am

, where everybody dumps their shit.



Positive Pete

while researching outhouses..

Harvest of Shame

Dec 16, 17 5:21 pm
Tinbeary There there

That isn't about outhouses.

Positive Pete

Nope. But there is a scene with outhouses so guess thats why it came up in the search.

Tinbeary There there

There was an outhouse on the farm where I grew up. What are you researching?


this forum needs some serious housekeeping, almost answered to a comment from 2010.

Dec 19, 17 11:28 am
Positive Pete

Yeah its like someone in India spends all night digginf up ild threads...


[to JLC's point, I found a couple of ancient Arquinecte post from the olde days]

"Dost anyone yonder know whence I might find a plan for the Parthenon by Master Phidias thither in Athens?  Might thou post it?"

"Hath anyone performed draughting in yon studio of Sr. Michelangelo?  Methinks his oeuvre beauteous, but I've heard rumblings he dost get a wee bit handsy around the atelier."

Dec 19, 17 1:08 pm

you can tell it's xmas week! well done....


Thanks for the read

I just suggested to a person who wanted the "cheapest possible site plan" that he draw it himself. I think he took it pretty well.

He countered with it needed to be someone with "authority". I asked him if he has tried calling an architect.

The clients here are special. 

Dec 19, 17 8:05 pm

short bus special.....

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