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Sarah Hamilton

I don't mean it to seem so racially divided, I think it's just easier to paint our current situation with descriptive words.

Nov 15, 12 8:05 pm
Just downloaded and messing around in the Archinect iPhone app 2.0. Really happy to have the forums in here.
Nov 16, 12 11:03 pm
Awesome Brian! We'll soon have a mobile optimized version of Archinect ready for all mobile platforms.
Nov 16, 12 11:07 pm

Geeze I thought PP was  going to declare Thread Central Dead....being we all seem to be so busy with other things besides posting.

Nov 18, 12 5:50 pm

I received a cool mix-CD from Mr David Cuthbert last week – all architect-y themed songs. I’m not ready to re-start the CD swaps just now, but it was fun to get a CD in the mail again! 

Nov 19, 12 5:14 pm

HA, all the nectors discovered my news on facebook at the same time. You guys are awesome.

Nov 19, 12 8:08 pm

I guess I'm not a friend....sigh Rational  yes   a Rational sigh.

Nov 19, 12 8:17 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Rationalist, either I'm not your FB friend, or I just don't know what you are talking about.  Congrats?!?

Nov 19, 12 9:33 pm

aw, ok, I forgot that I'm more real-life friends with the old crowd than the new. I've decided to keep the irrational man on a permanent basis. Or he decided to keep me. Either way.

Nov 19, 12 9:37 pm

Congrats to you!

also Orhan et al i saw this over at the DAAP-SAID blog tonight and thought it amusing....

"Eisenman’s contribution to the globalization discussion sets off a heated discussion between Eisenman and Thom Mayne (who, waiting for his turn on the second panel, raised questions from the audience).  Mayne calls Eisenman an out of touch old man, and Eisenman accuses Mayne of not understanding a lot of communities who don’t participate in globalization in the same way as large cities like New York and Los Angeles."

It almost sounds like Eisenman is accusing of Mayne of forgetting flyover country/real heartland America?

Nov 19, 12 10:36 pm
vado retro

are you talking about replacing your warped ikea lampshade, rationalist?

Nov 20, 12 12:42 am
Sarah Hamilton


Nov 21, 12 4:58 pm

haPPy  tuRKEy  Day!

Nov 21, 12 5:58 pm

We have a dozen people coming to the house tomorrow for a 20 pound turkey.  I decided a few weeks ago it was time to repaint the interior of the house, and husband expanded that to installing all the trim we tore out seven years ago and never replaced, so now the house is total chaos and we have a dozen people arriving in the afternoon.  Sigh.  It will all come together, though, it always does!


Serious question: Is it psychologically impossible for architects to complete any task without the last several days/hours/minutes being en charrette? Discuss.  After you've had your turkey and plenty of wine, of course.

Nov 21, 12 11:38 pm

ha ha ha!  no.

Nov 22, 12 2:30 am

wait, you tricked me with the negative question.  so let's amend that to:

ha ha ha!  yes.

Nov 22, 12 2:31 am

donna, if they know you and love you, why would they expect the situation to be any different?! 

it will be comforting to them to know that - despite your best efforts - you still do things just as they expect you might: attempt too much, accomplish exactly what's important to accomplish and no more. 

happy thanksgiving everyone. 

Nov 22, 12 7:46 am

and, by the way, the helsinki library entry in the jobs section is very lovely and the images show up nice and big but, um, i don't think it's a job. how did it get there?

Nov 22, 12 7:49 am

Steven....cause it is a nice job.  They are actually looking for someone in Finland who is fluent in Arabic and has graphic design experience.

Nov 22, 12 9:16 am
Steven - it looks like someone accidentally posted (with payment) their project as a job ad last night. Oops.
Nov 22, 12 1:05 pm

happy turkey people... would you think i would refrain to call it that? what would america do without that bird who dies for y/our sins? ours is still in the sink and it is almost 2;30. we don't have any guests just me, t + r and tr.. i am da cook. just woke up an hour ago. inspired by phillip crosby's small but full on delicious facebook turkey dinner on the table already. he is the best savory cook there is.

dark meat rules!

Nov 22, 12 5:28 pm

Ah.  Donna's observation of our kind's seeming love affair with the very last minute is an intriguing topic... for another day.

Happy Thanksgiving, All. 

Nov 22, 12 6:15 pm

happy holidays TC! I am in NC for the holiday/weekend. I also do everything, generally last minute. But when i don't it makes me feel so much more together and adult...

Nov 23, 12 4:48 pm

hahahaha, my turkey is on archinect! unfortunately it turned out a little dry (which never happens to my turkeys), but only because my mom insisted that it was done when it actually wasn't, so i ended up having to put it back in the oven for another half hour or so to finish after it had already rested...

Nov 24, 12 8:04 am

Phillip where, Orhan's photo?

Nov 24, 12 1:45 pm

i suffered in pain on thanksgiving. bleh.

Nov 24, 12 2:02 pm
chatter of clouds

so did the Native Indians

Nov 24, 12 2:11 pm

yep nam, that's a picture of my turkey (or at least part of it), which i posted on facebook...

Nov 24, 12 4:50 pm

phil, is the apple bourbon a marinade or the glaze/wash?

Nov 24, 12 5:51 pm

nam, it is a brine (which i didn't do this time) and a gravy... basically the turkey is stuffed with an onion, some apples, an orange, some garlic, and some fresh herbs... then butter mixed with herbs (rosemary, sage, and thyme) is smeared under and over the skin... and the gravy has apple cider, bourbon, and a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar in it in addition to the pan drippings and other normal gravy ingredients... here's a link to the recipe that it is based on:

Nov 25, 12 9:14 am

The brine my brother used for the turkey made it quite moist and tasty and added the right amount of saltiness to it.  I usually can take or leave the turkey, but this year I left wanting more of it.

Donna - there are people out there that don't do things last minute?

Nov 26, 12 1:15 pm

i thought the natives and them there white people lived in harmony on the first thanksgiving?

Nov 26, 12 9:18 pm

We do smoked turkey. It's yummy.

Nov 27, 12 7:15 am
vado retro

i posted four times yesterday. I'm back, baby?

Nov 27, 12 10:49 am

VADO glad to see you jumped back onto the if you would start posting some video songs...we would know you were serious. I always think about the lady I left behind in New Mexico when I see your name.....she married a dentist...and has and daughter who is a dentist....go figure.  If I had stayed in New Mexico I would be a Lithograph Printer and not an Architect....maybe I took a wrong turn in life.  As this week I have been doing designer bathrooms....ya that is what I said....fricking  bathrooms with all the designer touches...teak and stacked vertical 4X16 ct.....What a pain. Laid  the drawings out with default to 1/32" of and inch just to be sure were hitting the mark without having to cut  tiles. 

Nov 27, 12 8:43 pm

FB friends have already seen my rant about my city hiring Danny-boy Libeskind to do a major downtown transit center.  What the hell.  I can't even describe how furious this makes me.   I can predict already what's going to happen: he makes a shard-turd and when the budget comes in way too high - which is not uncommon in any project - it  will just be more fodder for people to freak out and decide that every new building in the city from now on should be quasi-Colonialish EIFS bullshit. That archietctural ass-clown, in the meantime, still gets a huge fee and another pretty sharpy rendering drawn by his unpaid interns.

I'm very, very angry and dispirited about this.

Nov 27, 12 9:22 pm

Look, it's Libeskind's Contemporary Jewish Museum!

Oh, sorry.  It's actually the Denver Art Museum.  I mean the Toronto Museum.  I mean, it's really The Ascent.  Wait, no, it's London Metropolis.

Nov 27, 12 11:05 pm
vado retro

Snook, you wouldn't have been a dentist?

@Donna- zee krystal, jah? jah!

Nov 27, 12 11:16 pm

good morning all. Donna tell us how you really feel....

Nov 28, 12 8:21 am
Sarah Hamilton

Donna, I love you.

Vado, I miss your songs.

Snook, don't be so jaded. While I was doing my stint in windows, I'd get excited over the bathrooms in the homes. I wish I could still design spaces. Snfff.

And Donna, have you thought of making an alternative proposal for the city?

Nov 28, 12 8:45 am

you could be right donna but isnt good that someone is aiming high?  and what the hell is it with all the fake german accents?   Koolhaas has a stronger accent than Liebeskind for pete's sake.

anyway, it's never too late to work together.

Nov 28, 12 9:35 am

Aiming high is good, but IMO Libeskind isn't aiming high.  He's a joke. And his weirdness will prove to be counter-productive in our city, which is exceptionally conservative and not terribly smart*, either.



*Meaning, not terribly interested in exploratory discourse and enlightening processes.  No one in a position to lead public discourse about the project  will be willing to actually engage in a critical analysis of it, only in lobbing severely negative soundbites that do little more than ensure their OWN position in the spotlight.  And few in the community will have a sense that cultural discussions should be framed in any other way.

Nov 28, 12 10:35 am

On a happier note, I finally get to go to Saarinen's Miller House on Friday.  I might even get to go on the roof! (Probably not Friday.)

Nov 28, 12 10:43 am

Donna, your thoughts would make for a great Archinect Op-ed ;)

Nov 28, 12 11:34 am

totally agree!

Nov 28, 12 1:24 pm

"Look, it's Libeskind's Contemporary Jewish Museum! Oh, sorry.  It's actually the Denver Art Museum.  I mean the Toronto Museum.  I mean, it's really The Ascent.  Wait, no, it's London Metropolis."

I feel you Donna.  Every morning on my way to work I get to look at the atrocity that is the Ascent.  From what I hear he just designed the exterior.  The actual condo units were designed by another firm. That seems kinda lame if you ask me.  

Nov 28, 12 4:44 pm

would be a great op-ed but can you go past the (admittedly fantastic) sound bite that says his work is all based on an acid trip about eddie's guitar? 

the ascent is horrible.  how the same guy did the holocaust museum is really something I can't understand.  He HAS done better though.  I used to live on Holloway road just down from his wee grad center in London (@ the LMU) and thought it was quite nicely done, modest and effective for a rough(-ish) neighbourhood.  and the project that made him famous is still amazing.  maybe you need to write him a letter and ask him to take his job seriously like he used open letter op-ed could be the very thing...

interiors and exteriors being designed by different architects is pretty normal business as usual for residential towers.  for ascent they may have been better off letting the interior crew do the outside too.

Nov 28, 12 6:08 pm

I actually thought the more viable bit was the fact that a bunch of people are going to hate it, and then over-correct by going back to only wanting to build truly shitty faux-historical stuff. Whether you like Libeskind's stuff or not, he's a polarizing guy and the ultimate result may be worse for the future of the community because of the reactions whatever he builds will cause.

Nov 28, 12 6:20 pm

Let it me known in my book:  Libeskind  is the Lawrence Liberance of the Architecture world. Toss him into a sequine dress coat and there you have him alive and kicking.Thing is  I think of them both in the same manner.  They may be talented, but it doesn't float my boat.

Nov 28, 12 8:24 pm

not to defend Libeskind re-occurring deconstructed angles, but along the lines of what Will said I have an architect friend in San Fran who really likes the Jewish Contemporary Museum.

I also like the idea of an op-ed as an open letter....

Nov 28, 12 9:03 pm

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