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Good morning !

i want to know who added it to Urban Dictionary, anyone? abracadabra it looks like it was added back on 2006 though. plus it looks like whomever did misspelled Archinect for one thing...

Dec 5, 12 7:59 am

mmm, if I could live in a linguiça house... it wouldn't take long for there to be not much house left.  Shelter as sustenance - you may be on to something, toaster!

Interesting, will - I was at a symposium last night in which I pretty much left wanting to scream "we need to speak up! we need to be advocates! we need to stop talking to each other and start plastering op-eds all over the earth, and advertisements all over the buses and trains and billboards and magazines and TV! we need to build websites and podcasts and EDUCATE, dammit!"  The event was supposedly about activism but I think you might be right, will, that it would more truthfully have been called re-activism. People were complaining about pedagogy in education, for heaven's sake.

Dec 5, 12 9:44 am



good - you're around - hey - what's the master format section for "magic?"

Dec 5, 12 10:08 am

hah manta!  sounds familiar.  its kind of crazy cuz we is all spozed to be great at communication but tend not to be motivated to get out there.


twinkies remind me of zombieland.  it's almost Pavlovian, which is just ridiculous.


cool about garwondler in urban dictionary.

Dec 5, 12 10:10 am

toaster you are on a roll! You're brightening my day(s) considerably!

I'm planning to bump my Final Destination thread as the Mayan Apocalypse approaches.

Dec 5, 12 1:17 pm

toast; "good - you're around - hey - what's the master format section for "magic?"

14 21 00 "Magic" aka "Toasteroven mom's vagina" aka "Hydraulic Elevator" 

Dec 5, 12 4:58 pm

I could have gone with 14 91 00 "Garbage Chute" but I ultimately respect your mom. She raised a funny boy.

Dec 5, 12 5:00 pm

13 99 99 - Special Construction: Magic, Anti-Gravity, Structural

Dec 5, 12 5:07 pm

gwh, that's interesting that you though of toastermom's vag as 'special construction'. I was thinking 'conveying equipment' all the way. Although 'plumbing: emergency showers' crossed my mind.

Dec 5, 12 5:48 pm
Sarah Hamilton

But wouldn't toaster's mom be an oven, so something from the commercial kitchen section?

Dec 5, 12 7:15 pm

RIP doesn't seem  like the right thing to I think I will Say Guys Keep on Playing where ever you are.....Dave Brubeck (91), Oscar Niemeyer (104)  cause I know there not the kind of guys to stop doing what they is just in another place.

Dec 5, 12 8:05 pm

Sarah, I should retain you as a daily life advisor. My putdowns need a voice of reason.

Dec 5, 12 8:44 pm

Rusty - I was originally going to write something far more detailed about your lack of genitalia, but I thought that would be a little bit too insensitive.


btw - your mom?  all of division 8.

Dec 6, 12 12:12 am
Sarah Hamilton

All this makes me wish we had a Yo Mama thread, with purely archi-related put downs.

Rusty, send me a proposal, and I will consider your offer, assuming it's a lucrative one.

And since I hadn't ventured out of the safety of TC for years, until this week, Vile Child, sarcastic, or whiny?  I can't tell.

Dec 6, 12 9:32 am

sarah, i had the same thought about a "yo mama" thread... i'll try my hand at one...


"yo mama so fat, reyner banham called her a mega-structure"

Dec 6, 12 9:38 am

ha ha ha haaaaa division 8.  har har har har doors and windows.

Dec 6, 12 10:43 am
boy in a well

its sarcastic.

glad i could help.

Dec 6, 12 11:05 am

yo mama so fat, rem had to add a new chapter at the of s,m,l,xl

Dec 6, 12 11:11 am
Sarah Hamilton

Alright, I'll go make the thread, but I'm borrowing the ones you guys have already posted for examples.


Thank you, Vile Child.

Dec 6, 12 11:41 am

yo mama so fat when she bent over the whole world lost three days of daylight 8D

i had to do it lol

Dec 6, 12 11:45 am
Sarah Hamilton

manta - I was thinking more 08 42 29 and 08 42 33

Dec 6, 12 12:05 pm

how about 08 42 36?

hahaha!  This is making me wish I hadn't got rid of Sweets.

Dec 6, 12 12:15 pm

Yeah, losing Niemeyer and Brubeck on the same day was just brutal! I was kinda surprised by my reaction, actually. Apparently I didn't know how much those guys meant to me.

But on a more positive note, I also thought I'd stop by to say congrats to Donna. Awesome project!

Dec 6, 12 6:09 pm

I'm alive!

Dec 6, 12 7:25 pm

Thanks miesian and dia!

Barry that's craaazy!

Dec 6, 12 9:09 pm

If you see a green bird in Brazil your going to have good Barry your in for a lot of luck!

Dec 7, 12 8:24 pm

snook that's true, over there they want to capture everything that moves for pets!

Dec 7, 12 8:36 pm

i pick beta's richard meier entry as the winner of the 'yo mama' thread for yesterday. i actually laughed, didn't cringe! kudos. 

Dec 8, 12 8:04 am
vado retro

i just put one on there. it's fat!

Dec 8, 12 8:13 am

yeah - too many fat jokes - it's too easy.  non/low-fat jokes are a challenge.

Dec 8, 12 8:55 am

barry I'd heard about that feral parrot colony but I didn't know anyone who'd actually seen it!  Awesome.  Also, good on you for getting a place with a persimmon tree - what luck!

Dec 8, 12 11:57 am

thank you sir!

Dec 8, 12 4:13 pm





I think we can fight the obesity epidemic by making doorways smaller.  don't question my logic.

Dec 9, 12 10:55 pm

Toaster you tossing out the ADA Regulations regarding required door widths. Actually  I have run into a situation where a 42" door is more in keeping for those in electric wheelchairs.

Dec 10, 12 8:34 am

ADA is making people fat.

Dec 10, 12 12:31 pm

toaster, I'm going to start calling you TAOster.  Because everything you say is so zen for me.



Smaller doorways.  Unassailable. Far out.

Dec 10, 12 8:51 pm

The one that always gets me is when ramps and elevators are so clearly labeled and available, but I can't find the dang stairs for the life of me! This always happens at my doctor's office, no less. Seems very inconsistent with their message.

Dec 10, 12 9:07 pm

good morning TC!

Dec 11, 12 10:52 am
vado retro

i'm not fat.sure i could lose a few pounds but, i always use the handicap stall to do my business.

Dec 11, 12 12:00 pm

Me too, I feel like the wonderwoman in it !

Dec 11, 12 12:53 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I know I can be prudish at times, but that last Yo Mama comment was just gross.

Dec 11, 12 4:40 pm

Totally offensive not to mention racist.  I flagged it. I encourage you all to do so too.

Dec 11, 12 5:04 pm
Sarah Hamilton

The funion one was good, though.

Dec 11, 12 5:18 pm


Dec 11, 12 7:20 pm
Sarah Hamilton


Dec 11, 12 8:37 pm
vado retro

ten minutes of Wonder Woman Spins? WTH!

Dec 12, 12 12:10 am
Sarah Hamilton
Hey HEY!! I'm posting with the new Archinect app!
Dec 12, 12 8:42 am

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