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archi, would be interested in attending though Miami is a bit of a drive would be worth to see you....

dia, looks good.

Oct 12, 12 3:13 pm

Awesome, dia, and so nice to see/hear you! You're still my Archinect crush. Even moreso!

I love the efficiency of the plywood use, and the moveable panels.  And your Analog logo is amazing!

Spent the last two days working outside doing physical labor.  I'm freaking worn out.  I don;t know how contractors do it every day - I have so much respect for them (the good ones).

Oct 12, 12 10:34 pm

nam, FAM&U is in tallahassee... still a long, extremely boring drive from gainesville... i used to drive it about twice a month to see my girlfriend (now wife) during undergrad...

Oct 13, 12 12:00 am

the good ones. yeah, let me know where those magical gnomes live, i need them here, especially the ones that can read drawings and understand basic general requirements.

Oct 13, 12 7:57 am

ohh shit i was thinking FIU (maybe?) Archi email me closer to the date, will definitely come up to see you....

now that i think about it i actually looked at FAMU's MLArch program, partly because of their lack of a portfolio req...

Oct 13, 12 10:11 am

Thanks Donna,

It was fun. The speech was totally unprepared and came after 5 days of very long hours - we had pretty much installed the last panel and swept up the site 20 minutes prior...

The analog identity is great - I can't take credit for it, but I can recommend a very good designer... She is also working on the identity for my other business.


Oct 14, 12 4:03 pm

toast, is it wrong that i like(d) his Stock Exchange Tower, Tour de la Bourse, Montreal?...

also interesting to note this line from his wiki bio "Also in 1957, he founded the Institute for Operations Research and Applied Mathematics Urbanism (IRMOU) with the express purpose of continuing studies on the so-called parametric architecture, a doctrine which drew on the application of mathematical theories in the design planning"

Oct 14, 12 5:33 pm

I personally find il girasole fascinating. A lot of his work predates the skin-focused delamination explorations by at least 30 years.  his earlier work could definitely fit in with some of the more interesting work that has been done since the 90s.

Oct 15, 12 3:05 pm

The il girasole is beautiful.  Really like how tough and delicate it is.

Oct 16, 12 12:11 am

Always nice to see a landmark from my alma mater make national headlines

Idaho's tiny Kibbie Dome is one of a kind

If you're not into Football the architecture stuff starts in the third section. The article doesn't really touch on it but the wooden dome (barrel vault) was very unique at the time pioneering Trus Joist's engineered wood. Imagine a TJI you might use in residential construction as a floor joist. Now make it curved, 7.5 feet deep with triangulated steel rather than OSB as the web, and spanning 400 feet. Put a bunch of them edge to edge and that's the Kibbie Dome's structure.

Oct 16, 12 9:47 pm

early construction

Oct 16, 12 9:55 pm

I really like the proposal for the prentice women's hospital by studio gang.


good argument for over-building the structure and core in smaller buildings in urban contexts.

Oct 18, 12 9:12 am

Brian Henry, that construction image makes me giddy!

I also like the Gang concept very much.

Countdown: two weeks until I get to hang with Steven Ward and other archi-friends and laugh and talk and theorize and stay up late and drink lots of bourbon…um, I mean, fulfill my continuing education credits!

Oct 18, 12 8:05 pm

ugh, that reminds me, i've got to do my continuing education stuff by february...

Oct 18, 12 8:17 pm

And by the way, Brad Pitt is doing Chanel commercials now.  Which, even though I despise high-dollar brand names and stars doing commercials AND auteur-ish filming still makes my heart beat faster and my pants feel funny.

Oct 18, 12 8:18 pm

hi everybody. just had the most delicious shrimp + grits, pecan pie and local fl bourbon chased with a local Gainesville beer for dinner...


@Donna speaking of high-fashion videos/commercials have you seen the design-fiction, sci-futurism of PRADA REAL FANTASIES FALL/WINTER 2012? I like the sort of GIF, cut-out nature of the actual fashion model/images.

Oct 18, 12 8:39 pm
vado retro

i had some pretty awesome shrimp and grits at the City Grocery in Oxford, Mississippi a couple of weeks back. 20 bucks for lunch. not my usual, but i was on vacation.

Oct 19, 12 1:02 pm
David Cuthbert

Nam - the lecture will be at the FAMU School of Architecture, Tallahassee, FL at 2pm. I look forward to seeing you bro (I'll bring coffee & rum).

Oct 19, 12 11:19 pm

has everyone seen Rusty's comment over here ? brilliant!

Oct 21, 12 10:18 pm

RIP George Mcgovern, and Russell  Means.  Two  Men from South Dakota who left their mark on America!

Oct 22, 12 7:12 pm

in case you all missed this:


John Pucher's recent lecture on walking and cycling at the GSD

Oct 22, 12 9:32 pm

Hi TC, I'm alive!

Oct 22, 12 11:01 pm

barry's alive!

Oct 23, 12 11:19 pm

I was trying to find a couple images of this one project I worked on a while back and discovered that a now licensed architect kid of one of my former employers is using images from a project where I was designer on their website.  it says "done in collaboration with" former office - but it's a lie - they were an employee of the office and joined the project team pretty late during DD.   they're even using most of the renderings and drawings I did.


I can't really do anything since the former employer owns the images (and it's their kid) - but it mostly pisses me off that they're using stuff I did for that office and are passing it off as their own.  at least credit the images to that office.  ugh.

Oct 24, 12 2:17 pm

i was going to say where did TC go...

Hey barry, that sucks!

Oct 24, 12 9:46 pm

Leisure World is a retirement community in Seal Beach 30 miles or so So. of L.A. 9000 senior citizens live there in this tightly gated place. It is next to toxic oil processing plants. My new constellation along with Naples Island. I might also add Navy weapons storage facilities nearby.

Map of Naples Island and Leisure World together..

Oct 27, 12 4:11 pm

Went out shopping today for Hydrogen Peroxide(3%),
White Vinger (5%) ,  and one spray bottle.  Mixed it all up to see if I can accelerate the rusting process of corten steel.  Mixed it all up and did a first spritz....and I do see some action.  If anyone has any experience with this  I would appreciate your assistance.  Most of this information is held close to the heart for one reason or another.   I have 5 beautiful plates of this stuff 3/16'x 96" X240" sitting in my welders yard at the moment.

Oct 27, 12 5:51 pm


Oct 27, 12 5:52 pm

Also sitting here on pins and needles waiting for the, "Perfect Storm"  Hauled all the outdoor furniture in from outside, mowed the lawn and gathered up the leaves best I could.Moved the generator to the front of the garage just in case we loose power and I have to hook it up and get it running....(I'm the Human Transfer Switch).  Best of luck to all those archinects up and down the East Coast!  Hang on to your Hats!

Oct 27, 12 5:56 pm

been doing some saturday work, winding down.

decided it's a good time to practice up on my bourbon imbibition, prep for my meet-up with donna and other architect-types later this week.

sipping a little elijah craig 12yr.


Oct 27, 12 7:26 pm

just back from second leg of world tour to study sustainable thingies and now i totally need a break to wind down.

@ steven, made it to new orleans and checked out ninth ward with the staff from make it right.  cool but surreal place.  same for rest of city actually.  like being in different word altogether.  def need to go again.

Oct 28, 12 9:12 pm

Will, I'm eager to hear your impressions from your trip.  Are you blogging them? The Facebook images look like you hit lots of good places.

Hang int here, snook! Don't blow away!

What do you say to someone who says, when you critique a building, "Yeah well good design is just subjective."? I think design is the opposite of subjective; whether something is a good design or not can always be quantified.  Whether or not someone thinks a building is pretty, that's subjective. And certainly in really good design there is also some piquing of desire that is hard to quantify intellectually.

Oct 28, 12 11:29 pm

donna, i kind of think good design tends to be subjective. 

to me, if you suggest design is objective, that means the difference between good and bad has to be measurable.  for example, does the building leak?  yes=bad, no=good.  or you could use a performance standard like ahrae 90.1. 

my history of good v. bad architecture design is influenced a lot by university professors or critics who judge student projects based on their own biases, such as "I like turtles.  that doesn't look like a turtle."  for example, there was a long time when brutalism was considered good design, but that's fallen out of favor and if you design a building in that style it would widely be considered not good design.  same thing with modernism and certain 'whole' posters on the forums here.  the barnes museum is another great example of subjective judgement in design.  a lot of people hate the design because of their own bias based on the historic context of the museum.  other people think it's good design because they like glowing boxes.

the third side of the coin would be to critique a building with the ability to recognize and ignore your own biases and preconceptions.  perhaps I don't like the brutalism style, but i can tell when details are thought out and executed well.  so maybe it's a good design for a building i just don't like.  or it could be a bad design because you can tell it was quickly thrown together in elevation only and the materials don't line up at corners or something like that.

tl; dr  for a critique to not be subjective the critic has to get rid of their biases.  i would suggest critics tend to be far to proud of their biases to say their judgement of design is anything but subjective.

Oct 29, 12 7:49 am

cheers donna. fantastic trip.  lots learned.  too busy to blog about it (yet) but will try to get to it.  have to present to the people who gave us the money to travel first.  then need to use knowledge gained to make masterplan and new housing typology for community in tohoku wiped out by tsunami.  should be fun.  plans are backed by research of climate scientist team so no bullshit force is strong (love that).  i am only architect and planner in the group though and they may have an idea that design is easy...

Oct 29, 12 8:12 pm

hope all NE'sters are doing well! Also anyone else seen this? not sure what to make of it....

Oct 29, 12 11:11 pm

Posting this from an iDevice so the link may take some copy and paste but worth looking at.

This has been around a while but it is really interesting with hurricane sandy on the east coast.

Load times have been up and down so give it a few tries if it doesn't load right away.

Oct 30, 12 10:32 am
Sarah Hamilton

Brian,  that is beautiful.

Oct 30, 12 12:55 pm

NCARB and AIA are getting desperate...

Nov 2, 12 12:53 am

How so, toaster?

Brian - that may once and for all put to rest the notion that Chicago is any windier than any other big city east of the plains.  :-)  Very cool map, thanks.

Hi all.  I have had so many changes to my life in the past 6 months that I do not know how to put it all together into a coherent, new sense of self.  My life feels very pregnant with possibilities I can't quite clearly see.  Sort of like I'm standing at a crossroads of 7 or 8 different roads - but I have dark shades on and can't quite tell what is what.  I don't know how to explain that better.  Ah well.  Just thought I'd check in since I haven't said anything in awhile.  Hi!

Nov 2, 12 9:45 am

hey manta! those periods in life can be very exciting if a bit unsettling.... Hopefully the sense of new possibilities end up shining through the dark shades.

Nov 2, 12 10:14 am

toaster..Tell me it isn't So!

Nov 2, 12 7:06 pm
David Cuthbert

hey Nam. Sorry I missed you. 

I hope everyone is safe post-Sandy. Nothing like a storm/hurricane to bring us all together. Seeing the destruction and the effect it has had on families makes even the hardest heart weep just a little bit.

Nov 2, 12 10:39 pm

had a wonderful couple of days hanging out with donna and other friends at the regional aia convention. which, by the way, was excellently programmed this year. good stuff. and bourbon was imbibed. 

Nov 3, 12 2:15 pm

David, does that mean you have already come and gone. I tried emailing, do I have the wrong one?

Boo, but there is always next time I guess..

Nov 5, 12 6:15 pm

Lots of bourbon was imbibed.  And several excellent presentations of very good work were presented and enjoyed.

Hey! I now have a real opportunity to sleep in Brad Pitt's bed! It's not as pretty as he is, though.

Nov 5, 12 9:43 pm

Hi manta! I've been a bit absent lately too. I tend to lurk, but at some point lapsed out of the conversations and rarely find an opening to get back in. Lots of big stuff a brewing over here, but keeping it under wraps for a while longer, particularly since there's some overlap between the Archinect crowd and my real-life acquaintance now. 

Fingers crossed for happy outcomes tomorrow.

Nov 5, 12 10:26 pm

speaking of archinect/real world crossovers... i met (former archinect editor-in-chief) john jourden on friday when we were on a studio review together at temple...

Nov 6, 12 9:21 am

@american archinectors - don't forget to vote today.

Nov 6, 12 10:01 am

thanks guys.  rationalist it is good to "see" you!  can't wait to hear your news.  fingers crossed for you too.

I voted days ago.  Next door to my house!  I love easy voting.  Did have to stand in line for 30 mins though.  The voter turnout here (NOT a swing state) has anecdotally been huge.  Everyone's encountering wait times, and conversely to most states, we have polling places like about every 30 feet it seems.  We don't have much of any excitement to vote for though.  This is the first election in my life that I am not voting in CA, and suddenly CA lands a bunch of wonky propositions I could have voted on... ah well.  Can't wait for it all to be over tonight!

Anyone else going to any political wag parties tonight?  That's my favorite thing to do to celebrate the end of the election "season".  Get together with a bunch of other poly sci geeks and nerd out with drinks.  Makes any celebrations more fun and any disappointments go down easier.

Nov 6, 12 11:45 am

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