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There's also new meaning to "Evergreen State" as well.

Nov 7, 12 10:07 am  · 


Nov 7, 12 10:21 am  · 

I mean, ahem, our children will benefit from the increased tax money going to schools from the taxation of legal marijuana.

Nov 7, 12 10:42 am  · 

guys - this stuff is brilliant - we should be writing it down.

Nov 7, 12 11:03 am  · 

One of the things I keep thinking about this morning (a bit gleefully) is what the arrogant 1% fat-cats, who spent mega-millions of their own money to buy the .... erh, support Romney, must be thinking.

I guess some investments - even when made in the name of 'free speech' - just don't pan out. Such is the wisdom of the so-called "job creators" the Republicans love to tout as our economic saviors and deserving of exceptionally low tax rates.

Nov 7, 12 11:32 am  · 

Please excuse this distraction friends, I'm just testing out the commenting feature on the upcoming discussion forum in the Archinect iPhone app.

By the way, a fully mobilized version of Archinect is also in the works. This will allow users on iPhones, iPads Android, Microsoft etc. to access Archinect in a nicer way while on the go.

Nov 7, 12 12:02 pm  · 

@Paul "upcoming discussion forum in the Archinect iPhone app" do you man there will be a new discussion forum or that the newest feature for the app will be commenting?

Nov 7, 12 1:43 pm  · 

Nam - to be more clear, I mean that the discussion forum will be included in the next release of the iPhone app, as a new section in the app. The iPhone app currently allows commenting to featured news/features/etc.. but the forum will be a new addition to the app.

The new version of the app will be submitted to Apple in the next day or two. It will also now be optimized for the iPhone 5's bigger screen, it will include a search for the jobs, bug fixes and minor navigation changes.

Nov 7, 12 1:52 pm  · 

PP...Forward My Man!

Nov 7, 12 7:31 pm  · 
vado retro

wth? tc three days since the last post??? i was expecting sarah to have posted some moody blues videos.

Nov 10, 12 7:07 pm  · 
Sorry, I think I scared everybody away.
Nov 10, 12 7:08 pm  · 

can't embed videos like images.  all things considered, that's probably a good thing.  anyway, i always like to help when i can.

i look forward to android support.  iphone is soo last week.  last time i tried i think the menu on the left sized itself different than the body of the page.

Nov 10, 12 7:23 pm  · 
Sarah Hamilton

Nice, Curt. And Vado, if I'd been posting on Archinect then, it would've been in that [i]other[/i] thread.

Morning, TC. We're expecting a cold front today. May even get down to the forties! Better bust out the parka.

Nov 11, 12 9:58 am  · 

Sara, which thread?

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday?...

Nov 11, 12 1:12 pm  · 

is thread central dying? off the front page again with no comments in three days.

Nov 14, 12 7:55 am  · 

there just aren't very many topics or new discussion going on in general.  there used to be a lot more silly non-architecture threads, but I think that's been replaced by sites like reddit and facebook.  I also think the new format of the site (with that big fucking "A" on the side) makes it less discrete at the work place - coupled with more offices are monitoring web-usage.

Nov 14, 12 10:34 am  · 

toast, are offices really monitoring more? Do you have anecdotal evidence for this? I do think the non architecture threads are probably being supplanted by other social media tools.

as for myself I just don't have as much time as I use to for interneting during day.

Nov 14, 12 3:57 pm  · 

ditto with the time.

the older i get the more work i seem to be responsible for.  usually i post on the train as long as it ain't too crowded to hold a phone.  TC crowd is aging or becoming too cynical to talk?

Nov 14, 12 6:55 pm  · 

I'm not as pissed as I used to be, so don't need the outlet anymore, therefore don't post much anymore. :)

Nov 14, 12 7:09 pm  · 

@will i can just imagine you trying to stay upright and text while train pop sways...

night all. I had too much to drink?

Nov 14, 12 8:44 pm  · 

for one - I know that younger people in my office are less interested in anonymously connecting and sharing ideas with people in the field online (or are rightly wary of their online history due to how small our community actually is) and more into their own little networks (as I mentioned a while back - the online world is turning into increasingly smaller and smaller epistemic bubbles).  There is actually a whole group of individuals who are rising up in our field who originally connected during the heydays of  mid 00s archinect, and I think this generation, as they're getting more busy and have less time to post, isn't being replaced by the younger generation.


I keep waiting for younger people to post odd, literary, thought-provoking, original content but I wonder since we have to use our real names in order to message each other, if this is keeping people from instigating contact or even making them more reluctant to post new content.  either we must submit to the online authoritarian collective big brother and release our real identities in order to connect - otherwise we cannot use this site as a platform for subversion of the status quo - which, IMO, was the main benefit of the old format.  Everyone's watching when we use our real names.  especially in a field that has a history of extreme hierarchy and repercussions for speaking out - it's dangerous.


I think we'll see more activity if people can message each other anonymously - you know - to collaborate on weirdness and inside jokes - new ideas - without fear.

Nov 14, 12 9:00 pm  · 

and so what if a little spam gets in - that just makes it more interesting.

Nov 14, 12 9:02 pm  · 

I agree re: the benefits of anonymity.  This profession is just way too small and too... frankly, judgmental for me to feel comfortable commenting with my real name. 

I'm quieter these days because I honestly don't know what to say.  I'm trying to get my own solo practice officially off the ground & struggling with confidence... and a million other things.  (Like, where do I find a good financial advisor?  How do I register my LLC?  Won't everyone laugh at my firm name?  Do I really want the website to look like that?  Why does every non-architect love my marketing idea, and every architect hate it?)  You know.  I guess I'm feeling a bit scared about all these things.  Plus I've had some major life changes lately so I guess I have too much on my mind to piece together meaningful, non-self-absorbed comments.  Sorry guys.

Nov 14, 12 9:53 pm  · 

I can't post from my job, my real full time employed with benefits job. The same job that also leaves me so exhausted at night I have nothing much to say!

mantaray I have a hunch your marketing idea *is* really good, and that's exactly why normals like it and architects don't. We are such a weird profession.  On that note, I agreed to be on the local AIA executive board this year.  What am I thinking?!? I have no time for it!! But I did join the AIA again for 2013 because I decided I can afford it.  We're a weird profession but I love us nonetheless.

Nov 14, 12 10:46 pm  · 

"since we have to use our real names in order to message each other, if this is keeping people from instigating contact or even making them more reluctant to post new content"

pretty much this. I wasn't going to be the first one to say it. The redesign of the website killed the forums (other parts of site function better). I still have occasional private exchanges with a number  of users current and past, but since the redesign, zero new interactions, since it's kind of not technically possible to do that.

Theory #2: we covered all possible topics, and there is nothing left to say to each other. Like a 60 year old marriage, with last 20 years spent grunting instead of speaking.

grunt grunt grunt you know what I mean.

Nov 15, 12 12:20 am  · 

that s very good donna.  it is kind of scary to become the generation that is inching into leadership of the profession (what a crazy idea but true nonetheless), but it is definitely important that we are there.  our profession only changes as our leaders age out of their jobs so we need to be involved.

i am amazed at the progress of one of the projects i am involved in for recovery of tohoku  for the federal govt - turns out they are actually open to policy ideas, especially if new laws need to be crafted to make a more sustainable country in the future ( ! ).  As reconstruction and resilience and sustainability become normal themes in our world architects are really in a fantastic position to be offering ideas and actually leading the nation towards something a bit better.  so yeah, even if there is not enough time in a day we should all be pushing to be involved in that stuff.  AIA exec committee or political parties, wherever the leadership group is, we should be pushing and advocating like hell. our buildings speak for us most of the time, but sometimes it takes a bit more.

Nov 15, 12 12:28 am  · 

"turns out they are actually open to policy ideas, especially if new laws need to be crafted to make a more sustainable country in the future "

Will, I though policymaking offended your libertarian views :)

Nov 15, 12 12:38 am  · 

I fall into both categories mentioned really. Since I actually work for an arch firm again, that posts jobs here and my real name is linked to their profile, etc. I find that I use my nome du plume much more, because I don't want my office's name associated with every random comment I make. Most of you guys know who I really am, but the rest of the forum doesn't. Also, life. Lots of life, offline. And when I'm online, I tend to be researching stuff about the stuff that's going on offline, which is decidedly non-architectural. So yeah, terrible contributor at the moment.

Nov 15, 12 1:02 am  · 

people demanding facts for everything according to their cause drove the forum prices up. personally i comment more on the news section. it is still very informative forum though.. you just don't know what you will be informed about.. I am usually drawn to people with sense of humor. i also lost track of some people who keep changing their names. sometimes you can find out their old username by reading the threads in which people respond to their old names. i am thinking of reviving 'dear abra' thread and help people with problems and stuff, but that kind of humor is gone with the recession i am afraid.

Nov 15, 12 1:37 am  · 

Dear abra: This: that kind of humor is gone with the recession I am afraid is unfortunately correct. Though I have plenty of humor about everything these days!

Also Orhan your comment about how can buildings unshape us was lovely and has been stuck in my head for days.

Oops I'm at work. Gotta go.

Nov 15, 12 9:05 am  · 

maybe there's no new blood because we're too mean to new people.  remember the 'wholeness' thing?  or anything ever said by i r give up?  i blame myself.  sorry guys.  i'm new people compared to most too.

Nov 15, 12 9:16 am  · 
Sarah Hamilton

Interesting thought, that the recession killed humor.  I tried to bring some back with that would you rather thread, but it didn't get very far.

I would agree that most of my simple, odd thoughts are posted on FB, nowadays, but that doesn't mean everything on here has to be archi-related.

And Dangint, I just typed up a whole story on my iphone, and when I pressed "post" it didn't post it.  GAH!  It took all morning to get that in there.

....and now for that story....

I sent my first kid to ISS two weeks ago.  It began when he wasn't doing his work, and he was distracting the students near him.  So I moved him to a computer near students he would NEVER socialize with.  He walked incredibly slowly to get there, but he did eventually make it.

Then, he tells me he can't read his textbook because it was written by an atheist, and it would be against his religion.  It's COMPUTER PROGRAMMING!!

So, I tell him I wasn't clear on what I should do, so we walked to his counselor's office, and I asked.  She told him that he may not agree, but he still had to do the work.

We get back to the room, and he sits down, only this time, he's playing on his phone, instead of working.  So I ask him to place his phone on my desk.  He decides to give me the phone CASE, instead.  Nice.

At this point, I take him to the front office, to turn his phone in for the DAY. (Our school has a policy, that if your phone gets turned in in the front office, it costs the student $15 to get it back.)  And he tries to hand the phone off to a girl walking in the hall.  I fuss at her, and she hands the phone back, thoroughly confused, poor girl.

Once the student and I are in the office, I let them know we are there to turn his phone in.  The office asks for the phone, and the student hesitates, asking "Do y'all take credit cards?"


"But what if I get in a wreck on my way home? How will I call my mom?"

"The police will let her know, honey."

"But she's out of the country on business for the weekend!"

"Then we need to let CPS know, to make sure you'll be alright.  Phone."

By this time, there are three assistant principals listening.

The kid hands his phone over, and the office asks "First Name?"


"Last Name?"


The office lady just glares at him, and the principals step in, giving the kid 2 days of ISS.


I think my original write-up was better.

Nov 15, 12 9:52 am  · 

I can't find the 'would you rather' thread.

Would you rather design 100 toilet sized casinos, or 1 casino sized toilet.


Nov 15, 12 12:07 pm  · 

1 casino sized toilet.

Nov 15, 12 12:23 pm  · 
Sarah, remember that kid's name. He'll be famous some day.
Nov 15, 12 12:25 pm  · 

Or, Sarah, that kid may just turn out to be a smartass, such as, for example, my son, who recently posed the question to his classmate who was presenting a current event topics on a huge house explosion that happened here "Do you think the cause was someone lighting farts?"

Yeah, he got sent home a letter about being respectful for that one.

Nov 15, 12 12:33 pm  · 
When I was 12 the substitute teacher didn't let me go to the bathroom so I asked her to get me a bucket.
Nov 15, 12 12:35 pm  · 
Sarah Hamilton

I don't mind smart responses, its open defiance that gets me.  It gets the whole class thinking they don't have to follow the rules either, and then it's chaos.

Donna, I wouldn't have sent a letter home, but then again, I teach HS, not elementary.  Abram gets into trouble for making farting sounds in his class, and he's 4.

Paul, I wouldve handed you a bucket, and once you used it, sent you to the office for indecency.

Nov 15, 12 12:56 pm  · 

I was sent to 4 th. grade for a week when I was in fifth for behaving like John Steinback in Sarah's story. The illegal object in question was a slingshot and we were target hitting the light bulbs on the lamp posts around the school. There were three of us. In the nick of time I hide mine in the snow but the principal threw the other kids' slingshots in the big wood burning stove he had in his office. I got extra punished with a big wooden ruler that was used in geometry class, hitting my hands and palms but never gave out the location of my handmade custom slingshot. It was okay to hit the unruly kids with rulers back then and it was not viewed as abuse. After the last bells, I recovered my slingshot and was a hero among the students for few days. I hated school and eventually was a high school dropout for a year. When I went back, I was a good student on my own with no pressure from my parents.

I sympathize with Sarah though, it gets dicey in HS.

Nov 15, 12 1:23 pm  · 

I haven't been posting much here because, like everyone else, life seems to get in the way.  TC used to be a place where people would just come in and talk about whatever they wanted, being an interiors person I felt more at home in here, but of late it seems to have steered more about talking about theory, professional practices and other stuff, which I am in no way opposed to, I just don't feel informed enough to throw in my two cents worth.

SH - I think you handled it quite nicely and I'm glad your principals stepped in and supported you.  I think I would have been at a total loss of words and patience had I had to interact with that student. 

Donna - Hilarious story.  I would have busted out in laughter had I been the teacher. A total smart-ass remark but brilliant.  I knew a girl in junior high that used to light her farts on fire. 

Nothing new in my life, although a recruiter contacted me about a position at a large firm in the city that seems to be slightly my current skill set with more responsibility and more potential growth but because the firm is known to lay off people when projects go awry I'm weary to even think about it.  I don't know, my brain hasn't been stretched in good way of late, I feel rather dull and I'm not too confident in myself anyway... hohum.

Nov 15, 12 3:20 pm  · 

i've definitely posted less since re-entering academia and being outed from my former (at least partially) anonymous nom de plume, which oddly enough happened at the same time... i wish that i could confiscate my student's phones and hold them ransom for $15... i'd be a rich man! i'm surprised the kid even knows who john steinbeck is... i would have considered letting him keep the phone just for that...

Nov 15, 12 5:24 pm  · 

oh, and manta, it really only matters if "normal" people like the marketing idea, right? the architects are probably either: a) jealous that they didn't think of it and are planning to steal it; or b) part of the out-dated school of thought that advertising/marketing is unseemly and that clients should beat down our doors based on our sheer genius...

Nov 15, 12 5:28 pm  · 
Sarah Hamilton

Orhan, it's funny you say that. I speak with a student every day that is from the Middle East somewhere. He says in grade school they slapped his palms, and some kids would try to pull their sleeves down to cover their hands. When he was 13, he was considered a man, and even had his own place. I'm glad he's here now, but even he sees the benefit of corporal punishment, and wishes it was allowed here. This kid is a senior, working and going to school, and taking college classes. I can speak to him as an adult, and I see him as a mature adult.

Oh, and I had 20 kids show up to play cricket yesterday for my cricket club. Even better, nearly half of them were white kids. I love when people are open to exploring something from a different culture. And I even had three girls show up!

Nov 15, 12 5:57 pm  · 

cricket club? that seems like a unusual club.... I agree with Phil, the fact that he used Steinbeck as his last name is almost worth overlooking his behavior.

@Orhan I personally would love to see Dear abra, reborn...

@melt this "I don't know, my brain hasn't been stretched in good way of late, I feel rather dull and I'm not too confident in myself anyway... hohum" sounds like me lately too.

Nov 15, 12 6:34 pm  · 
Sarah Hamilton

Nam, I started the club because of a Pakistani exchange student. I thought it would be good for him, and in exchange, I get to learn about the Pakistani and Indian culture. My town, and school has a large number of these kids, and I love to learn, ask them questions, and think about how they see things. I really didn't expect any "American" kids to join, but they are, they're all having a blast, and it's so awesome!

What's nice about the club, is that all but three of my kids only play cricket at family events, so no one is that good. Most of the time they're shocked that they even hit the ball, and we have to yell at them to RUNNNNN!!!! It's all just fun. We play with a taped tennis ball, sometimes we use a baseball bat as the running bat.

Nov 15, 12 6:44 pm  · 

never thought of cricket as a sport with racial component before.  but am glad you are bringing new things to texas youths sarah.  pretty soon you'll be like canada, and the economy will get better too.

@ rusty, not all policy is prescriptive so my libertarianiasm is not offended at all.  creating feed-in tariff for home grown electricity is brilliant and fantastic new federal policy put into practice in japan.  that kind of thing we need more of.  saying everyone has to build a front porch or some other silliness (ie, just about anything related to reproductive rights in your adopted country), not such a fan of...

Nov 15, 12 7:38 pm  · 
Sarah Hamilton

I don't mean it to seem so racially divided, I think it's just easier to paint our current situation with descriptive words.

Nov 15, 12 8:05 pm  · 
Just downloaded and messing around in the Archinect iPhone app 2.0. Really happy to have the forums in here.
Nov 16, 12 11:03 pm  · 
Awesome Brian! We'll soon have a mobile optimized version of Archinect ready for all mobile platforms.
Nov 16, 12 11:07 pm  · 

Geeze I thought PP was  going to declare Thread Central Dead....being we all seem to be so busy with other things besides posting.

Nov 18, 12 5:50 pm  · 

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