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magic potion to get the creative juices flowing

`1 joint +1 bottle red wine + Shine on You Crazy Diamond playing really loud!


Jul 18, 12 3:45 am

Shine on you crazy jla-x!

Going to measure a three story house this morning, by myself.  The whole thing, plus yard.  Will be exhausting.

Jul 18, 12 9:01 am
Sarah Hamilton

Donna, sounds like you need one of those fancy laser scanners. Be sure to take some Pink Floyd

Jul 18, 12 9:43 am

This?  Or something similar?  Not much to go on there.

Jul 18, 12 9:52 am

donna.. hope you have a laser measurer...I've had to do a lot of site measurement over the years and it made my life so much easier...also in the past i brought my laptop to enter in dimensions immediately so that i didn't miss made it take a bit longer, but i didn't have to go back as often.

hope it wasn't as bad as you thought.

Jul 18, 12 5:00 pm

Really?  I haven't had great luck with laser measurers in houses - although will admit it was great when I was doing large, empty commercial tenant fit out spaces.  Houses to me have a combo of extra necessary detail + high level of "crap in the way" that prevents laser measurer from being of much use in my opinion...

Donna too bad I'm not in town, could have driven down to assist for the day.  Free of charge if you served me lunch ;-)  I miss measuring.  Although I'm shocked to hear myself admit it.  It's always one of those things one looks forward to until one gets there and the monumentality of the task ahead begins to dawn...

Jul 18, 12 9:07 pm

re: the painting - my first thought was john currin but he doesn't actually cut and re-assemble bits of people, just emphasized / de-emphasized certain of their features in order to make a subtly disturbing grotesqueness.  I love his paintings.

I realize this doesn't help you though, Sarah, sorry.

Jul 18, 12 9:09 pm

"Nice 'n Easy" 1999

(couldn't resist)

Jul 18, 12 9:11 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Curt, similar, but not quite. The painting that I saw was shifted in both directions, and they were larger sections, so it wasn't really noticeable at first. That, and the woman wasnt quite so current looking. Is that Blair Waldorf from gossip girl? And manta, I can't help but think of awful, catty comments from those ladies.

Jul 19, 12 10:08 am

Somebody here had a great example of why the last comma in a series is important. Anyone know what it was? Thanks in advance!

Jul 19, 12 2:10 pm

oxford comma?

Jul 19, 12 2:23 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Sarah Hamilton

Can someone post that properly? The iPhone isn't working right

Jul 19, 12 3:06 pm

The Comment field is required, says archinect

Jul 19, 12 3:15 pm
Sarah Hamilton

What comment field? I couldn't even find the picture button. My returns still don't show up, either.

Thank you, Curt.
Jul 19, 12 3:48 pm

I tried posting only the picture but it errored out and said i needed to type stuff.  it's easier for me because i'm on a computer instead of an iphone :)

Jul 19, 12 4:06 pm

toaster, that's it... thanks.

Jul 19, 12 4:29 pm

so archinect now has facebook integration? ew.


just ew.

Jul 19, 12 5:55 pm

rusty I actually just started noticing that a few days ago and wondered... you are referring to the "pop up" window with suggested nect posts referenced against Facebook likes, right?

I have been seeing one some computers but not all also.

hi all, been cleaning and moving into a new place after work over the last few days. fun!

Jul 19, 12 6:08 pm

Jeepers, I'm embarrassed - I can only get about 2/3 of those architecture alphabet images!

Jul 20, 12 8:43 am
Sarah Hamilton

I only get seven, which is about a third less than you, Donna. So you are twice as smart as me.

Jul 20, 12 9:24 am

i bet i'm about half.  isn't 'N' at disney?  and 'O' is every building in london after wren rebuilt after the fire.

Jul 20, 12 9:31 am

i get 18!

Jul 20, 12 10:20 am

I get 17. Anyone get M? Definitely not one you'll hear about in arch history class. Does feature in one of the 99% Invisible podcasts though.

Jul 20, 12 10:31 am
Sarah Hamilton

Yeah, I think N is in Switzerland, and then copied at Disney. Hell if I know the name, though, so I didn't count it in my seven.

And Steven, quit show-boatin'.

Jul 20, 12 10:34 am
Sarah Hamilton

HaHA! I figured out how to get returns to show up with the iPhone. Just have to type less than, P, greater than. Maybe I won't suck at teaching computer programming after all!!

Jul 20, 12 10:36 am

all of the above

Jul 20, 12 10:38 am

there is no "I" in alphabet!  or 'Z'

i wonder why it says 52 if it's missing 2 letters?

Jul 20, 12 10:41 am

N is in southern Germany, not Switzerland.

Jul 20, 12 11:06 am

chitty chitty bang bang is a good hint for 'N'. does that help? 'M' was one i didn't know...

Jul 20, 12 11:31 am

I counted and I got 17.  What are I, K, V, M, Q, O, X, Y, and Z?

I recognize I but could never tell you its name, same with Q.  I keep coming up with Quetzalcoatlus, but that's a dinosaur not a building.

Is O Aalto? And is Y that pier in Japan?

Jul 20, 12 11:36 am
Sarah Hamilton

I learned world geo from a coach that chewed on his hands, daily.

Donna, why do you know that dinosaur name?!

Jul 20, 12 11:55 am

Nine-year-old's Dinosaurs A to Z book.

Jul 20, 12 12:05 pm

ok, i found this on google.  pyramid of Kulkulkan/Quetzalcoatl which is actually Chichen Itza.  I think it's sketchy that they could count it as a "Q." 

also, i think the palace of Versailles might be one of the ones you're missing.  an intern in our office helped me with that one :/

'K' is the one that upsets me that I don't know.  I can see the building in  my head but can't think of the name.  I keep telling myself 'K' is "Kunst-something" but I don't think that's right.  I think 'O' could be another name for steeple or church or something?  like the building element rather than the building itself since it's so generic?

Jul 20, 12 12:06 pm

O is the Old North Church in Boston. 

Y is the Yokohama Ferry by FOA, yes. 

i'm with you on the chichen Itza, curtkram. it's got to be right, but the 'Q' is suspect. 

I looks like the japanese tower in brussels, but i can’t find why it would be an ‘I’…

Jul 20, 12 12:21 pm

I do know the name of N, because it's fun to say. 

Thanks for Versailles, curt.  Seems there might have been a better, more significant V building? I agree the legitimacy of Q is questionable (get it?).

What is Z? Is it by Zaha?

Jul 20, 12 12:22 pm

steven, I assumed that I was for Imperial Palace...

Jul 20, 12 12:28 pm

that's not the imperial palace though.  i think 5-tier pagodas are common throughout japan and maybe china too.  maybe there is one in the back yard of the imperial palace i'm not sure of?

Jul 20, 12 12:33 pm

I guess now that I google it, it looks more like the central element of the Imperial Palace (hotel) in Vegas than like the actual Imperial Palace...

Jul 20, 12 2:26 pm

I feel like Sydney Opera House would be better than Sears Tower...especially since it's not even called that anymore.  (I could also be partial to Stave churches..but that's just because I'm half Norwegian)   P is a particularly tough one... Parthenon, Pantheon, Pyramids.  The Chrysler is pretty nice..but does it beat the Coliseum?  Or even CCTV? The Glass house vs Golden Gate? Old North Church confused me..cause it'd definitely urban (even though there are some trees). 

Seems a bit too NY centric.

Jul 20, 12 3:03 pm

Yes, it's me back from the dead...

I got stumped on some of the same letters mentioned above, but I can't believe how many in an architecture forum don't recognize Neutra's Kaufmann House, an icon of postwar Modernism.

Jul 20, 12 3:18 pm

Wow, you're right Emilio, about Kaufmann! But in my defense in that pic in the poster I was reading the dark color as solid not void.  I did *not* see big sheets of glass in that icon!

What's X?  It must be some obscure temple in a city - China? - starting with X.

Jul 20, 12 3:36 pm

Here's a hint for M if you want it (building not pictured but mentioned in his works)

I'm pretty sure the image is the A-Z of buildings that Roman Mars has talked about in his podcast 99% Invisible. I've only listened to a few of the first episodes so I'm not 100% certain its of buildings he's mentioned on air, but given a few of them I think it's reasonable. Probably also explains larslarson's critiques.

Jul 20, 12 3:52 pm

that image is linked from the 99% invisible podcast site.  i've never listened to him, so i don't have any history there.

This is a temple to Tianhou in the Xiamen province of China.  However it seems it's really not very significant at all with respect to architecture or even temples to this particular deity.

i stumbled across 'a' too, which i did not recognize before.  i'm pretty sure it's one of the wonders you can build in sid meier's civilization :)

Jul 20, 12 4:27 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I never imagined we'd have so much fun with this when I posted it. Thanks, curt for making it right. Together, we brought loads of traffic to TC. It's almost like the old days!

Jul 20, 12 5:59 pm

so is 'z' the only one not solved? dammit. i'm stumped.

Jul 20, 12 7:41 pm

Z: Zocalo

Jul 20, 12 8:20 pm

Zurich? Zanzibar?

Jul 20, 12 8:21 pm

Wait, did I miss X?  It looks vaguely like the Sagrada Familia, to me, and also sort of similar to south-east asian temples... did anyone get that one?

I am proud that I got M right away.  Didn't realize it was so tough!  I love that building.  I wouldn't have thought of it as "M" though b/c it doesn't really go by that name.  Ditto J... that should really be for H as it isn't called by its first name but by its second.  

I'm kicking myself on the K and the V.  How could I not get those!!  To be fair though the drawings are a little tricky on those.  I'm pleased to say I got 17.  It's been a rough day so please allow me to indulge in a little pride.  :-)

Jul 20, 12 9:53 pm

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