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nam, if they had surgically cut in those new openings and basically intervened in the existing structure in such a way that it was still both the old and the new, it would be a pretty amazing and admirable feat. 

i think what actually happened was a rebuild, though. while still admirable as a technical/documentation achievement, if this is the case, it's maybe going a little too much toward the pretending / nostalgic / stage-set side of things for me. if it was simply to be rebuilt to look old, even if using the old material as a recycling effort, why was it important that it look *exactly* like before? 

Aug 8, 12 6:49 am

barry - 

i've only used GIS in a very limited way, and that was back in 2004, so things are probably very different now. what i take from your description is; 

1 GIS is mind-blowingly awesome. 

2 GIS is a potential rabbit-hole from which you may never return. 

Aug 8, 12 6:53 am


i think what actually happened was a rebuild, though. while still admirable as a technical/documentation achievement, if this is the case, it's maybe going a little too much toward the pretending / nostalgic / stage-set side of things for me.

was kind of my thought too. Definitely looks like they rebuilt than re-attached old tin to new exterior/frame.

Aug 8, 12 7:57 am


I think if you look at the original photographs you'll see that they didn't really make an effort to 'recreate' the exg (putting panels back in their original locations).  The only panels in the same place are the doors.  I actually like the reuse of the original material and also like the corrugated as a cladding...especially since it's basically not really doing anything given all the waterproofing behind it.

My only problem with it is that the three angles are exposed under the window at the back side which seems odd given all the care they put into the rest of the project. was probably impossible to keep the original shell for the new use...looks like it was originally a garage and probably falling apart.  The new structure had to be far more weather tight it seems.

Aug 8, 12 12:39 pm

Hi everyone!

Nam, the space is tiny and exciting, but I would rebuild it in a reinforced concrete box because of the possible bad drivers around the corner. I like the colors of the old thin, but if they reuse them to compose a new pattern,( mosaic) and applyed strategically.

Aug 8, 12 2:10 pm

This is basically the best building ive ever seen... not to mention the quality of the sketch....

Aug 8, 12 5:09 pm

and I thought venturi was retired...

Aug 8, 12 9:31 pm

lletdownl that is hilarious.  And terrifying.

Aug 8, 12 9:36 pm

terrifyingly awesome.  I hope it gets built - AND they use parametric tools.

Aug 8, 12 9:44 pm

you know how you can walk into some new small businesses and it looks like they've got their shit together, they're committed, and things look convincing? i tend to believe they'll last. people can sense the commitment. 

you know how you can walk into others and it looks like they haven't fully committed, they haven't made the effort to make their premises even look permanent? these businesses are the ones that close in a few weeks. 

the latter is what that sketch and that website remind me of. 

the guitar building idea is cute/goofy and possibly embarrassing, but someone could pull it off. imagine a really great digital rendering of a design in which the guitar wasn't just an appendage propped on the top of a bad corporate office building but actually an integrated form. it would  be radical and impressive, in ways that we might not like but a nashville-as-theme-park audience has come to expect. 

dude needs a better architect is all.

Aug 9, 12 7:16 am

imagine a really great digital rendering of a design in which the guitar wasn't just an appendage propped on the top of a bad corporate office building but actually an integrated form.


what are you talking about?  that rendering is exquisite (mostly I see the sorry state of hand rendering - but as outsider art, it's really great - would fit in with my decor nicely - slick digital renderings are so 2005, btw).  plus - what's wrong with a malformed guitar propped on the top of some weird albert-kahn-ish building (likely existing)?  there are numerous precedents for oversized things propped on top of buildings:



and more recently - stylized legs in fishnets squatting over beijing:

Aug 9, 12 9:36 am

The strings are fully functional and play country music in brown notes. Pull my finger.

Aug 9, 12 9:53 am

manta, I owe you a HUGE apology! You once posted about not wanting to work in a firm that didn't use MAc, and I thought it was a bit overreacting. But now I've been on Mac for 7 years and trying to transition to Windows for my job is AWFUL.  It seriously makes me want to cry.  It's so inelegant and clunky and f*cking ugly to look at. Not to mention I keep having to email myself things, fix them on Mac, then email them back to my work address to print.  

The Design department here uses Mac (I'm in Facilities).  I might beg them to let me have a Mac instead.

Aug 10, 12 4:54 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I got a MacBook pro and an iPad with my new job. Adjusting to the two-finger scroll thing is driving me nuts, but otherwise I don't even look at me desk PC.

Aug 10, 12 6:12 pm

i like windows myself.  find mac annoying, but not anything as big a gap as it used to be.  If there are sides anymore they are like the  "Big-Endian" and "Little-Endian"  folks in Gulliver's travels ;-)

i been buying sony vaio's which still are not as nice as the mac design, but i can live with it. 

Aug 10, 12 8:18 pm


For the record, it was a preference of mine... (still is) but of course I would never turn down a job or anything for that reason!  But yes.  It seems like such a little thing but after spending months being driven absolutely crazy at all the things I *couldn't* do that I was used it, oh I just never wanted to go through that again.  And yes it is really dispiriting how ugly it is to look at, isn't it?  It's just... constantly dismaying to be faced with such mediocre aesthetics.

Aug 11, 12 12:59 am

are you ladies using windows 7 or 8? speaking from my own work experience many corporate IT shops run behind versions a bit and xp or older is not a pleasant piece of software.

however, microsoft has definitely improved in recent years. mostly (admittedly) by borrowing tricks from apple.

I am really intrigued by new surface tablet they have.. although love my work ipad.

hi all! at work for a bit but it is a beautiful if hot day outside....

Aug 11, 12 12:14 pm

Donna, give it time. You'll get used to it. One thing that Win is superior with is keyboard shortcuts. There is a shortcut for pretty much everything. It really helps with mundane repetitive tasks. Don't be afraid to explore. Mac have always been too much of clickity-click.

Aug 11, 12 12:46 pm

This is just like people who tell other people "you say you don't like XYZ foodstuff? Oh no, you just haven't had the RIGHT XYZ foodstuff!  Try THIS one, you'll like it!  Everyone likes it!"

Sometimes people just fucking know what they like and what they don't like, and that's that.  I know all the keyboard shortcuts in windows.  For the record there are the same amount, if not more, in Mac - there are a MILLION mac keyboard shortcuts.  And yes, windows has been getting a tiny bit less sucky over the years.  But it is still sucky, and I still don't like it, and it doesn't fucking matter, I am entitled to my preferences without having to have people tell me I'm wrong, or ignorant.  I have a well-informed dislike of windows, thank you very much.

Aug 11, 12 5:20 pm

Also, I'm not near as angry about this as I sound :-) I have had a few shiner bocks & am feeling feisty.  It's a Saturday and I need to write up a repair permit for some non-structural chimney work & I am nervous!  It will officially be the first thing I actually stamp.  Yikesers!

Aug 11, 12 5:21 pm

Probably shouldn't drink before doing important work stuff...

Aug 11, 12 5:50 pm

So, I noticed shiner was on sale for 9.99 for a twelve pack Nice conservation of resources there, Manta.  But they go down way too easy.  Careful with that "non-structural" chimney work...whatever that could mean.  And, whyever would you need apermit for tuck-pointing?

Aug 11, 12 6:20 pm

good luck manta

by the way, you like shiner?  did you try it before they sold out?  they used to not suck too. you just haven't had the right domestic beer.   try PBR, you'll like it (or lone star if it's a texas thing).  Everyone likes it!


Aug 11, 12 8:30 pm

so you're saying your a big-endian then, Manta? good choice.  good choice.

Aug 11, 12 9:50 pm

ha, nice curtkram.  Shiner's pretty good; I didn't buy it, my SO did.  My faves range all over the map both in terms of both geography & brewing.  Currently mostly polishing off a case of provençal rosé, in honor of summer.  A very gentlemanly rosé.

as for there is no there... not sure why you feel the need to warn me... but no worries.

The permit is required (and required to be stamped by RA or PE) due to crazy ridiculous code in the city in which I practice.  I basically need to file an affidavit stating that the work is non-structural.  Which it is... we're removing / rebuilding a few feet off the top of a chimney that was incorrectly built in 1954, leading to constant leaks in the ceiling below.  Good times.  Great use of my fancy education and countless hours of professional learnin' and examinin'!  I guess it's useless to be overly precious about the use to which one puts one's first ever stamping... although a big part of me feels lame that it's not a) a drawing or b) anything I designed or had anything to do with whatsoever.

Aug 11, 12 9:56 pm

Ok will, now I'm gonna have to go look up what that means!  Never read Gulliver's travels.  Perhaps I should?  Off to google.

Aug 11, 12 10:02 pm

Ah!  ha ha.  Yes I am fiercely big-endian.  I was raised that way and obviously it is all that is right with the world and also the little-endians are just jealous.

Aug 11, 12 10:07 pm

i can't believe there is anyone who has not read gulliver's travels.  swift was so good.he's still totally on the ball and relevant.

Aug 12, 12 4:45 am

well, I haven't been berated by manta in a while. Feels good.

So, if forced into a corporate windows environment, the key is not to make the most of it, but to kick and scream till you're blue in the face. :)

Also, the Gulliver thingy is a weird ass tale that only sounds weirder the older I get. I think most of the stories I read as a kid were written in the insane asylum. 

Aug 12, 12 11:52 am

pbr, nobody drinks that anymore, not since untimely death - or timely death - of hipsterdom.

Aug 12, 12 11:57 am

One of the stories I still remember vividly is a tale of a little girl that sells matches, has no family, and is homeless. It's christmas, and she peers into a window of a family that has a fireplace, a tree, and food. She's freezing, so she lights her own matches, and each time she does that, she sees her mom, or dad, or grandma. But she's really dying from hypothermia and is hallucinating. And yes, at the end of the tale she dies. By freezing to death. WTF.

It might have been the brothers Grimm. Assholes.

Aug 12, 12 11:57 am

The little match girl! by hans

I remember crying my ass off when I was 6. The kids of today have it easy with spongebob and such.

Aug 12, 12 12:02 pm

Never read Gulliver's Travels either, might have to pick it up. Howver, I read Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Wizard of Oz --- one right after another, all within the last 3 weeks. I've been having some crazy dreams because of it!

Aug 12, 12 12:05 pm

There's a kid's story about a little devoted dog protecting his family from goblins?  I don't remember it at all except at one point I think the goblins cut the dog's head off so the family hangs  the head in a bag on the doorknob of the house and the little dog is still so devoted that his head barks and scares of the goblins again.  Or something.  Macabre.

And Rumplestilstkin rips himself in half, remember.  And the Little Mermaid dies and her blood turns into ocean foam.

Aug 12, 12 4:26 pm

what, that's not in the disney movie!

kids stories were much more demanding of kids once upon a time.  even roald dahl feels a bit edgy nowadays, and only cuz the adults in his books are all psycopaths, which hardly seems anything at all compared to the brother's grimm. guess it is disney's fault?

Swift may written some crazy stuff but he was the john stewart of his time.  still love his modest proposal (you know the one where he suggests a bit of cannibalism might sort out a problem or two).  It is on his account that I avoid any serious discussion about eggs at all times ;-)

Aug 12, 12 5:42 pm

I generally really like stuff like this -(THIS is how you do joints - see my comments about the zaha opera house)  but the cost of custom fabricated CNC'd panel system is something that seems to never really make it beyond interiors.   also - the process for making it is slow - would make more sense to do a cast and stamp metal panels to keep cost down, but not sure how it's much different from this, but with a little more articulation and a little more intrusive on the space...

Aug 13, 12 11:54 am

Rusty that sounds very much like a Grimm story. Having went to a German school growing up I heard a lot of their stories. If I remember correctly they were meant to teach children the consequences of disobeying mainly by scaring the bejesus out of them. I've been trying to get my hands on a copy of the complete Grimms works cuz I'm interested to see how gruesome they are now that I am an adult.

Aug 14, 12 1:13 pm

Btw Will- Future husband is making his favorite summer meal of chuha(?)/cold noodles. I have become addicted to ponzu.

Aug 14, 12 1:19 pm

no idea what chuha noodles are (sounds chines to me).  but ponzu is great.  i use it with tofu at lunch most days at university.  you can make it yourself if interested, cuz its just soya (shoyu) and vinegar (su) mixed together.  when we have gyoza at home we usually do it that way and use it as a dipping sauce.  also really good with some fruit zest added to it.

Aug 14, 12 9:19 pm

I musta misheard. Its called chuka. Mmmmm gyoza. Never knew Japanese food was so amazingly tasty. With a man that has a taste for Asian cuisine, I've expanded my pallette exponentially over the past 10 months.

Aug 14, 12 9:35 pm

melt has there been any kind of official announcement that Mr. Wonderful is indeed the future husband?  DId I miss it? ANd manta, are you married now? I can't keep up.

Aug 14, 12 10:18 pm

***melt you mean this? looks good.... is hump day only in USA?.. night all.

Aug 14, 12 10:36 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Don't worry, Donna. I get manta, strawbearry, and thereisnothere confused for some reason. Maybe their writing styles are similar.

Aug 15, 12 8:40 am

ah, chuka.  Chuka means chinese, in Japanese.  restaurants call it that or Ramen.  Good stuff.  japanese food is fantastic and generally healthy.  totally recommend it.


changing topic, it's kinda interesting that ayn rand is back in the news with ryan joining the race.  her name keeps popping up in articles linked to him.  seems to me she would be pissed as hell at how her message got swiped.  not that i agree with it at all, or anything, just interesting how memes get evolved...

Aug 15, 12 10:31 am

keep trying to post this in the unpaid intern blog post:


@greg - max unemployment benefits typically last 26 weeks - not 99 weeks - and if someone worked 3 months for you (assuming they worked at least 3 months someplace else during the year) - they only get 6 weeks of benefits out of your unemployment insurance account.

Aug 15, 12 11:03 am

Donna - No official announcement.  At this moment in time, I'm pretty happy with the arrangement just how it is.  For the past month we've slowly been moving his stuff up here and after a long day of putting together shelves, organizing stuff and cleaning I think the house is 80% back to normal.  Just need to buy two more shelf units, take a plethora of stuff to Goodwill and sell a bunch of other stuff and we'll be done.  Woo-hoo!!!!

Aug 15, 12 9:15 pm

Sarah, there is a good reason you get thereisnothere and strawbeary mixed up.

This full time job dealio is exhausting. But I'm working on such cool stuff!

Aug 16, 12 10:49 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Donna, I know. And speaking of new jobs, I finally got my classroom 90% organized and arranged. I also have a direction, and at least two weeks of lessons planned for video game design, and for computer programming. Now I just have to figure out that pesky PC Mainenance class. And I've only got a week full of evenings left to get it done. Yikes!

Aug 17, 12 10:13 am

that sounds fun sarah.  i kind of want to sit in, but i'm pretty sure that would be difficult.

Penny arcade (which is pretty much awesomeness in everything they do) has a couple of recent videos that talk about mechanics in video games i think would be worthwhile to look at.  this is applicable to anyone who designs interactive space, so for those that think people interact with architecture this might be worth a look for your too.  here's the video

and you have to play this game before you listen to what they say about it

ya, it's a flash game.  it is what it is.  it won't take long so go ahead and try it before you watch the videos.

this is what i heard about pc maintenance for those that haven't already figured it out on their own:  get a good pc with high end everything and put every bit of software you need on it.  don't install anything else ever.  once you're at a point where you need to do something new with your computer, get a new computer.

Aug 17, 12 10:54 am

speaking of teaching, i have been teaching ESL - well more like volunteering - for the past few months, and last night i managed my way through three hours. a really wonderful experience.

when i think about these asshole conservatives demeaning immigrants, i get overwhelmed with anger, they haven't a clue how difficult it is for non-natives. on top of learning the language, we are also getting them ready for citizenship exams, most americans couldn't pass this test with a cheat sheet.

Aug 17, 12 1:07 pm

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