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Museum of Total Art

The Museum design is derived from the axioms of the Total Art and Total Art Space, and is conceived as a space that is simultaneously lived and exhibited, in which the two boundaries of Life (Art and Living) are slowly merging within the boundaries of a continuous are space. Its implantation is carried on through the radical integration of the architectural art space with its programmatic counter part.

Through this methodology, the project proposal hopes to redefine the boundaries of Life and Art and to present the city of Ningbo with a space in which Total Art is exhibited as an element of Life. A place where Life is recognized as a crucial part of artistic research, a piece without which no artistic vision could possibly emerge, and which justification finally lies in our Lives endless experimentations.

The Museum of Total Art is therefore a radical architectural proposal for a space in which art is lived and life could finally and truly become as thrilling as an artwork.

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Status: Unbuilt