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Hidden Valley, Ningbo, China

The Hidden Valley Project is poised to become a beacon of cultural significance within China. Conceived of a natural inspiration, The Hidden Valley is an experiential destination infused with depth and diversity in a manner not yet seen in contemporary China. The Hidden Valley Project is a multi-faceted nature destination offering a wide variety of activities for a wide variety of people: cohesion of nature and living defined by green-oriented housing, leisure activities incorporating sports and tourist attractions, and the integration of multi-use urbanity embedded within a beautiful natural landscape.

In its very essence, the Hidden Valley Project will offer urban and ecological lifestyle options integrated within a single eco-sustainable environment, thus presenting China with a new and revolutionary developmental model. Offering experiences rich with emotional, social, and cultural rewards, The Hidden Valley Project has position itself to become a desirable international destination, a flagship for Ningbo’s cultural and economic development, and an alluring gem within the green heart of China.

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Status: Under Construction