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Atol Architects

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Integrated Dwelling

By combining leisure facilities and business facilities to the new residential development, a satellite urban center is created, drawing visitors and generating exchange within and out of the city.

Therefore a strong urban fabric and pedestrian network of street and plazas will be generated. Moreover the Landscape and Architecture is unified to heal the wounds resulting from heavy traffic engineering and create newly localized innovative urban and spatial solutions, while simultaneously serve as a physical tool to strengthen the pedestrian, bicycle and green networks. Here, the physical dynamics of the existing topography allows us to generate a grid which in turn is used to create a man made artificial ground above the existing road, a hill that is naturally inscribed within the existing topography. Subsequently, the solar orientation defines a second set of direction lines, providing a strong geometry to the architecture, carved in the green hill and oriented towards the sun.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Norrköping, SE