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Creative Office, Hangzhou, China

The Creative Office project represents a new model of temporary site utilization. The design attempts to recreate the DNA of urban life, with all its complexities and variations to ensure diversity. This is achieved by mixing office program with F&B, bookstores and proximity retail. More importantly, by creating courtyards, a looped circulation route and streets within the development model, a vibrant and desirable environment can take form.

The centralized service core concept allows increased B.O.H. and servicing efficiency through containing the majority of services, stairs and facilities for the office in pre-fabricated container-like units, which are placed strategically to allow for multiple office arrangements. The office floor plan can be divided up as required due to the flexible open space, and the development can be easily extended through combining
it with a strategic phasing implementation.

The Creative Office project exemplifies a flexible, temporary solution for use on multiple sites. It can be tailor-made to fit each site specifically and uses simple materials that require no advanced techniques to construct. The sustainability of the model is guaranteed due to the mix of use, which is essential for a development to thrive. The model can be re-used and recycled when its lifespan is complete.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Hangzhou, CN