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Arts & Performance Center, Ningbo, China

The Arts & Performance Center embodies the opportunity to actuate the juxtaposition of three different worlds or universes along the riverside, while enhancing their respective position as an important part of the City’s cultural life.

By tying together a conjunction of culture, leisure and nature, the project contributes to strengthen the vibrancy of the cultural network of the City’s downtown area, and to creating a new meeting place for artistic, cultural and fashion events.

2 separate multi-form and traditional performance stages can be combined into one single consolidated contemporary performance space and answer the challenges presented by the re-use of the existing
industrial structure as well as the need for a flexible set of performance spaces.

The overall project integration of the performance center with two additional spaces: a complex vertical public space that includes cinema and F&B amenities, encounter spaces and viewing spaces; and an active green and sculpture park space, expands the dimension of the cultural program towards the realm of public encounters and green leisurely activities.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Ningbo, CN