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Virgin Atlantic Airways Clubhouse

Designed by Eight Inc., the award-winning Clubhouse embodies both the classic and unconventional qualities of the San Francisco area and the youthful, exuberant spirit of the airline.

The long and narrow space of approximately 150 feet by 20 feet serves various functions and is organized into several zones which include a full-service bar, lounges with armchairs that multi-task for work and relaxation, tables for dining, a business center, a complete kitchen, toilets and showers. The Clubhouse offers a sophisticated, full-service oasis for the busy traveler before or between international flights.

The long Southern wall is entirely occupied by a window overlooking the runways that is cunningly shaded by screens of laminated, colored glass which reduce glare and heat, and cast changing patterns on the floor and walls of the Clubhouse. Rich mahogany wall panels in the dining area provide a warm contrast to the glass. Sculptural seating elements featuring mid-century modern furniture add to the contemporary yet comfortable environment.

The Clubhouse has been voted one of “The World’s Ten Best Airport Lounges” in Forbes Magazine.

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Status: Built
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Firm Role: Designer