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Oslo National Museum of Art

The concept for the National Museum of Art, Architecture and De- sign in Oslo is guided by Norway’s unique geological and seasonal conditions. The dramatic Fjordscape, where sea carves through an- cient bedrock, and the Northern daylight, abundant in summer and precious in winter are the most powerful influences, each timeless and ever-changing. The design uses larvikite, a stone indigenous to Norway. This black monzonite stone is filled with silver and blue/ green flecks, and its appearance reflects the subtle changes in sun- light and temperature.

The overall form of the building is a monolithic mass – a large stone – cut along its east / west axis. The resulting ravine fills with direct sunlight in summer months and low angle sunlight in winter. It also becomes the central organizing element, informing program distribu- tion, circulation strategies, daylight distribution, and most importantly the overall sensory experience for both visitor and museum staff.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Oslo, FL, US
Firm Role: Designer