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Shimano Cycling World

Shimano has launched the worlds first Cycling World in Singapore to help visitors rediscover the joy of cycling. Designed by Eight Inc, the new experience center will support the Cycling lifestyle. In Europe bicycles have even outsold cars. In Singapore and Southeast Asia, cycling is also starting to gain momentum. In Singapore alone there is a plan to grow the cycling network from 230km to over 700km. Shimano Cycling World is also located along this network of Park Connectors at the Singapore Sports Hub, creating a center for the local cycling community.

Eight Inc. has designed the experience to give visitors different perspectives on cycling. From informative historical exhibits to showcasing exhilarating cyclists 'point of view' videos that visitors can control.

Shimano Cycling World invites visitors in with a kinetic sculpture made with an interconnected system of sprockets, rims and chains. The Cycling World then takes the visitor through the heritage of innovation in cycling. Visitors are also given an understanding of the technical aspects of cycling. There is for example, a bicycle fitting machine to help calibrate correct posture and size for cycling. Cycling World includes several interactive exhibits such as a historical collection of bicycles that visitors can curate based on their interest.

The rapid growth of cycling culture can be attributed to the strength of global cycling communities. Shimano Cycling World will host events and guest speakers at the Surround Stage to give visitors the opportunity to learn from the cycling professionals. Cycling Global and Cycling Singapore will connect visitors with the passionate community of cyclists locally and beyond. This exhibit presents past and future cycling events through interactive digital touchpoints.

The Shimano Cycling World is a unique immersive experience that will attract a wide range of people from passionate cyclists to those who have not cycled since their childhood.

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG
Firm Role: Tim Kobe, Principal in Charge
Additional Credits: Lucinda Tay, Studio Director
Rob Mathewson, Senior Designer
Erik West, Visual Design Director
Genry Umali, Junior Designer
Abdul Basit Khan, Senior Graphic Designer