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GAP Ginza

Situated in the posh shopping district of Ginza, the four-story Gap Flagship store in Tokyo, Japan, is the brand’s largest representation in Asia to date. Eight Inc worked with Gap’s global retail division to create a unique facade and ground floor retail space that would attract shoppers and create a strong brand statement in a new, competitive market.

Occupying four floors of a new office tower, Gap’s signature Blue Square becomes an architectural icon with a striking corner facade clad in laminated blue glass. Natural light permeates the ground floor retail space, the walls clad in etched glass that subtly reflects the light and activity of the busy Ginza street outside, while a honed limestone floor softens and warms the material palette. Navigating the upper floors, the interior escalators themselves become a signature element, emitting a deep blue glow that subtly attracts and guides shoppers throughout the four-story space.

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Status: Built
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Firm Role: Designer