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San Francisco: Inside/Out

San Francisco. The small city with a big name. Home to only about 800,000 people, but over 300 coffee shops. San Francisco has the only moving national monument in the world, its infamous cable car system, and boasts a certain golden bridge that was almost painted black with yellow stripes. For others, it’s a popular vacation destination.

To celebrate this fantastic city, AIGA invited Bay Area-based designers, photographers and illustrators to create a unique poster that they think truly represents the city (Inside) and then asked some of the most influential designers, photographers and illustrators, from around the world to do the same (Outside).

Inspired by San Francisco's topology, Eight Inc. challenged the 2-dimensional restriction of the brief and created a 3-dimensional art piece, made up from laser cut, etched and then bound acrylic.

Designed in London by our Principal, former San Francisco resident Matt Judge, and Markus Nonn, the object was then assembled in our San Francisco studio, truly embodying the spirit of ‘Inside/Out’. As a nod to this process, and as homage to one of California’s most famous residents, the piece was signed with a take on the Apple product signature 'Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.’

All proceeds from the sale of the poster went towards scholarship, educational programming and community events.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Firm Role: Designer