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Coca Cola “Happiness” Machine

Eight Inc. has designed a new interactive vending machine for Coca- Cola at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo. Eight Inc. created the innovative touch-screen interface to help transform the typical vending machine transaction into a unique Coca-Cola experience that entertains customers with a vivid digital graphics, playful audio clips and free games.

Japan is home to the highest number of vending machines per capita, with over 5 million or around one for every 23 people according to the Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association. Eight Inc. and Coca-Cola saw an opportunity to differentiate the brand from its competitors and build stronger relationships with customers through a more engaging, fun vending machine experience.

The new machine uses a touch screen interface, a camera, motion sensors and networked capabilities to actively respond to its surroundings. When there aren’t any customers in its proximity the full screen attract-mode entices people to step in for a closer look. Once the machine senses a customer approaching it displays a selection of drinks. The customer browses by swiping through the product set. When a product is selected it jumps up to fill the screen. By spinning the digital drink, its ingredient and nutrition info appears. When a purchase is made, the virtual product falls from the screen and emerges below as the machine says, “thank you.”

Eight Inc. will continue to work with Coca-Cola to enhance and improve the new digital vending experience.

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Status: Built
Location: Japan
Firm Role: Designer