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R2 Supperclub

The R2 Supperclub is an exclusive bar and lounge and after TwoRooms, the second brainchild/project/venue of ECN Partners Matthew Crabbe, Nathan Smith and Eddie Baffoe. Situated in Tokyo’s nightlife district Roppongi, R2 offers its guests an unique bar, lounge and food experience until late in the night. Centerpiece of the pristine space is the symmetrically designed bar, which is accessible from three sides and placed under an array of over hundred lights. The relaxing lounge area with it’s freestanding tables and comfortable, flexible seating areas arranged along the storefront, brings dynamic to the space. The furniture for bar, lounge and counter is all custom designed with superior food service in mind. R2’s spacial organization establishes clear distinct zones and employs a carefully selected high contrast color palette from black and/to beige tones. The light modulation from very dark to very light serves as a counterpoint and produces smooth transitions between spaces. As TwoRooms, R2 offers a separated private dining room for an even more exclusive experience, and shows work from famous local artist Masashi Osawa.
R2 and TwoRooms, the classy restaurant stretching over the two towers of the AO building, are both designed by San Francisco based design studio Eight Inc.

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Status: Built
Location: Japan
Firm Role: Designer