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Eight Inc.

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Hearts On Fire

The Las Vegas store is the first in a retail expansion for Hearts on Fire that will open stores in major metropolitan areas in the U.S. including Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, as well as international locations including Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

To bring the Hearts on Fire vision to life, Eight Inc. removed the obstacles typically found between shoppers and fine jewelry—the museum-like display cases—and replaced them with “jewel boxes” that sit at eye level. With the swipe of a card, an associate unlocks a drawer that slides down to present the diamonds to a customer. Simultaneously, a mirror is revealed and the lighting within the box shifts from a blue glow that highlights the diamonds’ rainbow sparkle to a hue more flattering to skin. This innovative arrangement encourages a collaborative partnership between customers and sales associates. Most importantly, it allows customers to experience the jewels on a more intimate and personal level.

Every element of the experience—the physical environment, digital solutions and staff behavior—has been designed to showcase the Hearts on Fire diamonds and ensure shopping is effortless, engaging and pleasurable for its customers.

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Status: Built
Location: Las Vegas, NV, US
Firm Role: Designer