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Two Rooms Grill | Bar

Eight Inc. designed TWO ROOMS GRILL I BAR following a simple architectural geometry that complements rather than mimics the geometry of the AO building’s two towers. This linear spatial organization creates a continuity between the reception, restaurant and bar area. Elements of discovery and intrigue are employed when the customer exits the elevator on the 5th floor and approaches the reception area. This is achieved by limiting visibility to the dining room or bar. The customer’ sight lines allow only for glimpses into these areas.

In the restaurant, the open kitchen, with its chef’s counter, directly engages the customer with the chef and kitchen staff creating a more engaging dining experience. Kitchen counter seats, freestanding tables, a chef’s dining table and window banquettes overlooking Aoyama-dori, offer a range of dining settings to be selected from based on personal preference. In the lounge area is a symmetrically designed freestanding bar accessible from all four sides, and distinguished by the custom artwork of Masashi Osawa. A variety of seating options exist for the client—a four meter long communal table running parallel the bar, small wall banquettes with freestanding tables, lounge chairs along the window and outdoor lounge seating on the terrace overlooking Shinjuku, allow for a more relaxed lounge experience.
Exterior Lounge

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Status: Built
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Firm Role: Designer