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    KSA Japan Day 0: Tokyo Impressions

    Evan Chakroff
    Dec 6, '13 4:45 AM EST

    Students arrive tonight. I'll have some more thoughts on Tokyo later, but first, a few photos.... Instagram impressions from the last two days in Tokyo. 


    • hope you went into that crazy space ship temple. its close to our old office location and we took a chance one day and jumped in. still have no idea what to make of it. if you have it sorted out would love to hear it.

      Dec 6, 13 10:37 am  · 

      I did go inside... A bit crazy, the red benches really give it a... Certain quality. Spooky. As for style, it's a pretty obvious postmodern riff on traditional temple architecture, especially the bend up in the roof line to mark the entrance, but also the staggered/corbelled layers on the underside of the volume. On the interior, it's a bit strange. Laid out more like a Christian church than a buddhist temple, with the rows of pews, side aisles, raised altar, etc. I was there to check access before dragging the students on a slight detour to see it.

      Dec 6, 13 4:42 pm  · 

      I seen this image before. Who did it? Anyone know how to search for same or exact images like searching for words? thanks

      Dec 8, 13 12:24 pm  · 

      you can drag images into google and it will find hits for you.

      glad you went inside evan. i found the daycare setup also spooky. location is amazing though and the size is massive - some serious money invested in that building/place.  but oh so very surreal. and not in a good way in my mind.  there are so many awesomely surreal places here that blows minds, but this one is evidence of darker world - especially because it is a cult, which has all kinds of negative associations since ohm shin rikyo set loose sarin gas on the subway lines...this culture is awesome but also has a lot of lost souls who are easily lead in odd directions.

      Dec 9, 13 9:58 pm  · 
      eric chavkin

      Thanks. Its called Waterfall by Tsunehisa Kimura. It was used as album art for Zonoscope by Cut Copy. I knew i saw this montage before.

      Dec 9, 13 10:29 pm  · 

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