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    Words: Exit Reviews

    Evan Chakroff
    May 26, '09 2:45 PM EST

    Today, tomorrow and thursday are the Knowlton School of Architecture's annual Exit Reviews, in which the graduating M.Arch candidates present a powerpoint developed over the last quarter, in an attempt to unite contemporary theory with examples from recent and historical architecture, and position their own work against this backdrop. My presentation is in a few hours, and I hope to re-format it for a later post here, but for now, here's some words. The clouds below were generated from the texts of the presentations, and should give you an idea of the kind of topics being presented over the next few days.

    flickr set

    Here's the full schedule:
    9 AM - Jeff Squire, "Past, Present and Future Tension: Flailing at failing, or simply ailing, the problem of contemporary cities"
    10 AM - Arienne Longstreth, "Towards A Nude Architecture"
    11 AM - Liz Lagedrost, ( no title at press time)
    12 PM - Katherine Eberly, "mixing [remix]"
    1 PM - Tongsue Ly, "Repurposing Environment: Bodily Perception"
    2 PM - Alex Lik-Tze Pun, "Music and Architecture, Revisited"
    3 PM - Casey Parthemore, "This magic moment, wherein the power of montage unleashes the genius of schizophrenic architecture's ability to produce a new psy-phy experience. Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the madness."
    4 PM - Atita Shetty, "Architecture, Film & Mood"
    5 PM - Evan Chakroff, "Re: imag(in)ing Scale: Architectu[r(e)al] Re[s/v]olution"
    6 PM - Sishe Chin, "Visualizing Complexity"

    9 AM - Matt Canterna, "polysynthetic constructs: the multiplicity of process[es]"
    10 AM - Christopher Worton, "Modern Modes of Mannerism: Continuing Rediscoveries of Mannerist Strategies"
    11 AM - Neal Clements, "Good, Fast or Cheep - Pick Two"
    12 PM - Melissa Neal, "Mediation: Creation and Curation"
    1 PM - Shradha Ram, "Dimensia": Obsession with the implication of space in two dimensions
    2 PM - Andrew Calhoun, "a little thought"
    3 PM - Kris Konieczko, "Family(+) Unit"
    4 PM - Sarah Boles, "Recombinatorial Aesthetics"

    9 AM - Dow Kimbrell, "What's so funny about Architecture? (Circa 1945-2009)"
    10 AM - Dave Nedrow, "deserted space"
    11 AM - Daniel Mathur "Towards Within a Critical Regionalism Globalism"
    12 PM - Steve Winter, "Re: Fabricating the American House"
    1 PM - Addison Godel, "'Yet It Moves': Mechanism After Modernism"
    2 PM - Michael McCoskey, "Mashups: architecture of an eclectic and digital age"
    3 PM - Deanna Hinkle, "articulating / the / interstitial"
    4 PM - Jared Lairmore, "The End Justifies the Memes: how the corrosive commodification fo sustainability threaten the future of architecture"
    5 PM - Greg Delaney, "Realities"
    6 PM - The Unknown MAS Student, title TBA


    • gresham

      Good luck! As a KSA grad, I know the excitement and terror of exit review time.... the end is in sight, though!

      May 26, 09 6:02 pm  · 

      I see you've discovered Wordle, LOL.

      May 28, 09 2:31 pm  · 

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