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    Evan Chakroff
    Feb 7, '09 8:16 PM EST

    late last year, i was contacted by someone at Surface magazine asking if they could use some of my photos Venice Biennale for an upcoming issue of their Chinese edition. I said yes, of course, as long as I was given credit and a free copy. They agreed, and I sent them the hi-res photos. I received my copy in the mail today.

    So, thanks to my near-obsessive habit of posting everything and anything online, I've got a new line for my CV! Thanks Flickr!

    Full-Size photos

    more photos from the Venice Biennale


    • Good work. :)

      Feb 7, 09 9:32 pm  · 

      That's very cool man congratz

      Feb 7, 09 11:53 pm  · 

      nice photographs. i like their spreads too.

      Feb 8, 09 8:53 am  · 

      now if only i could read chinese....

      Feb 8, 09 4:48 pm  · 

      neat, next time charge minimum an extra fee of 50 dllrs per image ;) hehehehehe this is tough times bro!

      Feb 8, 09 6:11 pm  · 
      David Cuthbert

      Evan I'm curious what would that line in your CV say? Great image set as usual

      Feb 9, 09 10:27 pm  · 

      honestly i have no idea....

      Feb 9, 09 10:29 pm  · 

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