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    never too late to start over

    Evan Chakroff
    Nov 19, '08 3:05 PM EST


    • drums please, Fab?

      it seems like those 'screens' should be more independent of the two folded planes - especially the one to the right of the stairs.

      can the bottom folded plane become the ground plane? the last image just sort of sits on the site, kind of heavy, whereas your diagrams blend more with the ground plane, with space flowing between ground and overhead ... farnsworth house style.

      that whole thing could sink into the ground with a moat around it .. you could do a modern 'ha-ha' or something.

      Nov 19, 08 4:19 pm  · 

      i cant help but get images of rotondi's prairie view,, if you know wat i mean. Also, i agree that the ground plane and the folded plane need to engage.

      for the screens, can you see if somethin like h&dem's de young museum gives u any hints?

      Nov 20, 08 1:39 am  · 

      i think it's a great start. very clever.

      Nov 20, 08 9:38 am  · 

      thanks for the comments...

      i agree the lower plate should engage more with the ground, but the site is fairly constrained and the program pushes the envelope right up to the boundaries, so this might be difficult.... for the 'screens' i'm actually envisioning them being even more engaged with the structure and interior spaces....

      as it is now, everything's based on this octagon & square field, which is scalable from the level of detail up to the size of the floor plates and beyond.... but really what i'm trying to do is establish an infinite three dimensional matrix of rhombicuboctahedrons and cubes... then the building is the boolean intersection of that field and the zoning envelope.... what this hopefully gets me is a kind of follow-up step on the project of HdM's Prada Tokyo, where the skin and the structure and the interior volumes are all of the same system...

      Nov 20, 08 9:48 am  · 

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