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    The Calm Before

    Evan Chakroff
    Sep 26, '08 2:45 PM EST

    So, this first week of class is just wrapping up, a few hours to go until the welcome back bbq, and i've got a better idea of what this quarter will entail....

    My schedule is fairly open - our studio instructors are visiting professors Dan Wood and Amale Andraos of WORKac, who will be here for crits around 6 times this quarter. So, studio won't be a typical monday wednesday friday ordeal, but rather a free-flowing independent study sort of thing, with work presented when Dan or Amale are in town.... Dan will be here this coming sunday, so we've already started researching the site & context. The project? A cultural and arts center for Beirut, Lebanon. It's a competition. As we haven't met with WORKac yet, I'm not sure if we'll actually be submitting this, but the competition schedule seems to indicate that we *could*.... more on that later....

    So, for starters, we've divided into groups of 2 to research various aspects of the site and context - urban development, population, economics, architecture, history, etc. My partner and I have been saddled with Geography, and this is a first stab at a more analytic approach.... we'll also pin up something on tectonic plates, climate patterns, soil types, topography, etc, but i thought this was good to get a sense of scale.

    More on studio as it develops, obviously, but I'll continue posting work-in-progress to flickr, even if i don't have time to describe it here...

    Other classes - I'll be taking a seminar with John McMorrough on Urbanism from 1986 to present, and the Baumer Visiting Professor course (also with John) in which we'll study the work of Gregg Lynn, culminating in an extended visit from the man himself.

    In addition, I'll be working as a GA for this year's LeFevre fellow, Nick Gelpi, on which more later....

    And finally, I'm going to try to sit in on this quarter's introduction-to-architecture course, which will be taught (in a suprise move!) by Jeff Kipnis...

    it's shaping up to be an exciting quarter....


    • drums please, Fab?

      intro to architecture taught by kipnis ?!?

      oh that would be fun! i was a t.a. for that back in the day ..

      good luck with your competition, those are (almost) always fun

      Sep 26, 08 11:47 pm  · 

      yes, we'll see how that goes... luckily i dont have class at the time so i'll be sitting in.... although he is also PODCASTING..... although that's not quite rolling yet.... he told me "it'll be like teaching high school"

      Sep 27, 08 6:10 pm  · 

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