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    Studio Updates / Day-trippin'

    Evan Chakroff
    Oct 25, '08 6:46 PM EST

    So, next week is the mid-review for our studio with Dan & Amale of WORKac... I'm a bit behind after playing hookey last Tuesday to drive down to see Jose Oubrerie's Miller House and the University of Cincinnati Campus, but I've got the next few days free to come up with something.

    So far:

    The images above show my proposal for the site. I've decided that a major ambition of my project will be to bridge the barrier presented by the adjacent highway. The competition brief is very clear in its intent to foster the kind of "underground" scene that the SOLIDERE plan for Beirut seems content with ignoring. Even the SOLIDERE-supplied map in the competition guidelines highlights the new, planned area in vibrant colors, while the areas to the other side of the ring are a faded brown... I feel that a purely symbolic gesture would be empty, and a more radical approach is needed. I propose lowering a portion of the highway (and access roads) below ground level, connecting the cross-streets over the highway, and creating a large public square immediately to the south of our site.

    In addition to creating a new pedestrian corridor between the solider master plan area and the urban fabric to the south, this will allow a direct auto connection to the underground parking levels of the House of Arts and Culture. Motorists arriving from throughout Lebanon and the region can exit directly from the highway into the building. The underside of the plaza structure can be fitted with video screens to display advertisements or artworks to the passing motorists. Pedestrian access will occur on grade, from the new public square, or from the adjacent streets.

    A reminder - the studio is based on a competition for the House of Arts and Culture in Beirut, Lebanon.

    Anyway, I've got three days to come up with an architectural proposal. Wish me luck.


    In other news, anyone who's interested in the Knowlton School of Architecture is welcome to come to our open house on November 12th...

    see flyer for details.

    this is the same day as the Greg Lynn lecture, so if you're wondering what's up with THIS:

    you'll definitely want to swing by, and raise your hand high after the applause dies down....


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    • the open house sounds like a fun event, evan, but unfortunately the same day as denari's talk at kentucky. arggh. too much to do out here in the middle!

      thanks again for adding to the flickr cache of wonderful miller house pix. they're luscious.

      Oct 26, 08 7:29 am  · 

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