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    Evan Chakroff
    Feb 16, '09 12:06 PM EST

    today is our mid-review, it's been a busy weekend, but i managed to get a full night's sleep last night. we pin up in about an hour.

    Jose had us all compile a booklet containing a description of the project, images of the chronological development over the quarter so far, and a few examples of previous studio work. I took it as a binding/presentation challenge, laying out the whole spread on a 8.5" x 132" sheet in indesign, exporting to pdf, then printing to pdf again, splitting to 8.5x11 sheets that i then folded in half and stapled together. it took a while to figure out, but it works pretty well (indesign does tend to hiccup with such a large sheet size...) and it certainly saved a lot of time gluing the backs of pages together (no 2-sided printing here). It's also nice that this eliminates the border on the outer edge, so i could have gotten full bleed if i'd trimmed the other two sides...

    so, pretty good results for the cost of 12 sheets of paper and a few staples.... i'm thinking this will do nicely for a "cheap" version of my portfolio for fallback firms...

    of course, taking the time to make the booklet gave me a little break from my project, so i came back to it refreshed, and quickly sketched out some new ideas:

    i won't go into the details, but i think this builds on and extends some of the previous ideas i had had but hadn't quite gotten to work together....

    namely, keeping the swooping off-ramp form, but somehow getting it to thicken up to the point where it could contain 2 levels, crossing under the highway to provide some connection to the other side, being elevated above the flood line, etc....

    and so what if i had to move the highway up a few feet? ;)

    etc etc. then i built a rhino model... using grasshopper to generate the form from a few guide curves... not a bad way to work, though i wish GH worked better with rhino layers/colors. ah well, it only means having to re-bake the geometry every so often.


    i still havent figured out my spiel. gotta get a coffee and jot down some notes. wish me luck!


    • exporting to pdf, then printing to pdf again

      I'm curious - what does that do?
      Feb 16, 09 4:36 pm  · 

      just to split a large page into 8.5x11 sheets.

      Feb 16, 09 5:37 pm  · 

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