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    Graduations at the Salk

    By difficultfix
    Jun 28, '09 12:27 AM EST

    Last week on June 20, 2009 I had the opportunity to attend the Graduation ceremony of my former classmates and friends finally complete the mission of getting through architecture school. The ceremonies where held at Louis Kahn's Salk Intitute. It was something special as I could see the happiness that filled their eyes. An even though the economy has hit the industry hard the joy of completion is still there. The ceremonies began around 9am and did not end till the late hours of the night. (some are still celebrating)

    note: these image were taken from my cell phone - not a good idea

    Watching my friends walk has re motivated me to keep pushing forward. With one more year to go and my two beautiful kids waiting for me I know its time to get back to work and kick some butt (my own butt of course). These last three years have not been easy working full time and going to school. Truthfully it has been a pain, difficult, stressful, and of course lots of fun! Going through architecture school can be one of the worst and best experience one can go through in their lives - at least it has been for me.

    Architecture school = boot camp for architects - it rocks


    • very cool... does newschool always have their commencement at the salk? also, is the water channel permanently filled in? or is that some sort of temporary covering for the ceremony? or is there actually water in it? can't really tell in the pictures.

      Jun 28, 09 7:35 am

      Wow at the Salk building. Ocean view and all.

      Jun 28, 09 4:59 pm
      Paola Echegaray

      how do you work full time?!?

      Jun 29, 09 12:53 am


      Yeah it was totally cool, for as long as I have been at Newschool they have been holding them at the Salk Institute, and the water channel has a temporary cover.


      Not easy,
      I am in the 4+3 program - I entered school working 40 hours a week. I wanted to Drop and kill myself after the FIRST quarter. I thought I had made a big mistake, but I really wanted to do this so I stuck in there. It was the hardest thing for me, especially when finals came around - were I turned into a Zombie (with little or no sleep).The first 2 years I worked anywhere from 35 - 40 hours with way two much STRESS, This last year which was suppose to be my thesis year I stepped away from studio (studio only) so that I can continue to work and provide for my son and my new daughter who was on the way. This last year was kind of weird for me because I worked less hours 30-35 hours (sometimes 40) with not so much stress, but I was kind of lacking motivation, so I did not push my self as hard. I was really more than anything burned out. Another thing my GPA has suffered not a lot but it has - working a lot of hours and going to school will affect your GPA (at least it has for me). If you are concerned about your GPA I would advise you to do what a couple of my friends who just graduated did - not work in your first and second year if possible - load up on classes - then in your final year with only your thesis studio left - get a job working full time.

      Jun 29, 09 5:11 pm
      Paola Echegaray

      I really appreciate this information. Your GPA might have suffered, but you were able to provide for your family (congratulations btw) while pursuing your ambitions. I'm impressed and inspired. I might not be in so much debt after all! Actually, my major concern is lacking work experience when I finally graduate at the age of 30 (from MArch1 program) vs. the people who got a degree in undergrad and have been working and licensed for years before I enter the scene. Thanks!

      Jun 29, 09 5:33 pm

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