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    Whats up from San diego

    By difficultfix
    Oct 15, '08 10:14 PM EST

    Whats up people,

    My name is Fabian (sometimes seen in the forums as Difficultfix) I am here in San Diego studying at the NewSchool of Architecture and I have been studying here since the fall of 2006. NewSchool is located in downtown San Diego in area known as the East Village. Here at NewSchool we are on a quarter system and our classes have just began last week. Two weeks before our classes started I had to make a really tough decision. I had decided to put my thesis studio on hold. Me and my wife have a new 7 month old baby (with a two year old already) so the need for me to work and provide has taken priority. During my first year and a half I worked full time and attended classes full time and to be honest it was really tough. Architecture is what I really want to do, so there is just no stopping me. I still want to do architecture, but my need to provide for my kids will take me on a short detour in my journey into architecture. At the moment I am working full time for a green building/ sustainable design consultancy where I am getting the chance to continue my education and see firsthand how sustainable design concepts can become reality. I am also learning about energy modeling and and performance modeling software. I am getting a chance to learn how to use IES virtual environment and Ecotect which are both very cool software. I am still attending classes at NewSchool (all my required classes except the thesis studio) and still plan on graduating only a year later.

    Outside of school:

    I recently took a trip to Seattle to attend a rhinoscript workshop taught by David Rutten. It was a really cool workshop. David really knows the in’s and out of rhinoscript and rhino itself. The class was a two day workshop and right from the beginning he told us that two days was not enough to master rhinoscripting, but was enough to get us started. So right from the beginning he threw us in the deep end and at first it was a little bit of a struggle for me. Luckily we had David teaching us who was able to explain with great detail how things work. Before attending the class I went thru half the rhinoscript101 book and found it to be a bit difficult (not understanding terminology) but after attending the workshop I was able to fully understand how scripting works and how to create my own scripts. Not only that - learning rhinoscript has also given me a big push forward in understanding "grasshopper"(rhino's new parametric tool created by David Rutten). I can totally see that with rhinoscripting the possibilities are endless. On the last day of the workshop Bob Mcneel invited us to sit and eat lunch with him and some of the development team. It was really cool. I am sorry to say that I don't have any pictures of the workshop to share (originally I did). I had taken many pictures of the rhinoscript workshop and my trip to Seattle (Seattle Library, Pike's Market place, and others), but on my way home I got my camera stolen....which was really cold.

    Until next time,

    Fabian/ difficultfix

    Sample images:




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    • aksvenskarkitekt

      Hi Fabian,

      I read your Blog, particularly about your life dilemma :-) Congrats on your newborn, or not so new now that it is February :-) What peaked my interest is your attending New School while working FT. I admire your diligence, as I have tried to do this through my many years of working and going to school. Sadly, school for me has always suffered. I have been in the profession for over 30 years and am a licensed architect in washington state. I however, never finished school and was able to obtain my license through an now nearly archaic process called I have been seriously contemplating going back to school, especially now that I am one of the nearly 1 million architects unemployed. So with that little bit of background, I was curious if you could 'enlighten' me a little bit about your double-duties and if you could describe to me simply, about your costs associated with attending school FT. New School has impressed me, as I have always advocated flexibility of schedule for those wishing to go to school and work. There is no other program like it in the US, that I am aware of. You are welcome to email me a response off-line at

      Thanks for posting, reading and I'll await your reply.
      Best regards,
      Sonny Vinberg, AIA

      Feb 11, 09 3:12 am

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