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    By difficultfix
    Nov 19, '08 1:10 AM EST

    This last Saturday that passed was the day of the Rhino training workshop (pushing rhino/ push the rhino) that I had setup. With about 30 or so people who attended the workshop which I took as a good sign. I was hoping for more, but still good. This workshop was an attempt to help people see the potential of using rhino and with a main objective of getting Newschool to consider implementing to the list of class options. I explained the objectives and had people sign a petition which hopefully will help with the cause.

    The workshop was setup as introduction to Rhino, covering a wide range of basics and some advance techniques to help people enter a new world of modeling with Rhino. Topics included: AutoCAD similarities, Sketchup similarities, booleans, solid modeling, surface (lofts, sweeps), exporting (to Revit), 3d topos, + cool techniques such as flowalong surface, make2d, and others.

    Lofting with History

    Sweeps (images 2 rail)

    3d Topos

    Flow alongsurface + make2d

    The workshop was only a few hours but I was able to see that people were motivated and wanting to push rhino. Overall it was a pretty cool experience. I was happy to see how the people were just as excited as I was about the workshop. Once my objective of adding Rhino to the school is complete, I will begin my next mission ------bringing Ecotect ------ to Newschool

    Until next time


    • Jake Shirvanyan

      I really like the "Flow alongsurface + make2d" step (particularly the rendering).

      Is there anywhere I could find out how to use this command?

      Nov 19, 08 3:28 am

      Jake Shirvanyan

      try David Fano's he gives a great video tutorial where he walks you through the flow along surface command (step by step). His website has many others great tutorials as well.


      Nov 19, 08 10:01 am

      very nice difficultfix

      Nov 20, 08 1:40 pm


      Many thanks for posting this and your initiative you took to set up such a workshop, I am sure it is helping many learn rhino. When i was in undergrad I had to teach myself rhino and i decided to do it during competition time at my university in 3rd year. It would have been nice to have someone as helpful as yourself when I was in school. Rhino tips were and still are treated like a family secret from those who know it and those who do not. Its usually the students who know the program but have no design sense that are the ones so afraid to make the tool accessible to others in fear that they wont stand out. Once again AMAZING POST, didnt know about the flow alongsurface.

      Dec 26, 08 12:58 pm

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