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    External Harddrive (looking back)

    By difficultfix
    Nov 21, '08 11:37 AM EST

    Last night I was going through my external hard drive trying to organize and clean out. As I was going through files after files, I started thinking about how architecture school has been for me. It has honestly been one of the best experiences and adventures of my life. Like anyone who has gone down this path, it has its ups and downs. Especially downs during deadlines, where you start working long extremist hours with little or no sleep (with thoughts of doubt in mind). During my first year studios - I always wondered if I had made the right decision of choosing architecture for my career path, but as time went by(with madness and chaos of studio life) I realize that I did not choose architecture it chose me (in my mind at least). I am in the 4+3 and I would have to say that the first year was great and horrible; it was great because it gave an opportunity to meet new people, people who were going down the same long journey (creating strong friendships). Then it was horrible, because half of the time we were all zombies working like robots with little or no break. Then there was second year, which seem a little less horrible, but still great. Less horrible because we were now past the robot stage, we were still working long hours, but we were now like machine operators at factories taking break every two hours (cappuccino addicts). Machine operators that were getting promoted with newly developed skills (graphics, presentations, modeling, and 3d). Great because architecture school is just straight out fun, especially when you are getting ready to present feeling like you’re going to past out, forgetting what you are going to talk about, or even which one is your project.

    If I could go back in time....I would do it all over again

    a small glimpse of my journey


    • PodZilla

      I have to admit, I would probably do it all again too. I have this great picture of myself that my mom took the night before I moved into the dorms in freshman year... oh young me... there is so much I want to warn you about, and yet, tragically, i cannot...

      Nov 22, 08 1:20 pm

      i only look back when i'm drunk, i think

      Nov 24, 08 9:46 am

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