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    Talking with Images

    By difficultfix
    Feb 21, '09 11:07 PM EST

    So just like everyone else around here - I have been really busy(not as much with school stuff, but more with things work related), but recently I was able to take a short break a very short break - with a trip to Seattle. This trip was so short that I really did not get a chance to explore the city. One thing I did notice is how cold it gets, I'm from southern California - so its way too cold for me.

    While I was there I was able to take a few pics with my phone (which is probably not a good idea). So instead of going into details about my trip - i figure I share a few of the images that I was able to salvage from my phone.

    until next time


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      you SAW the McNeel HQ? Did you leave a sacrifice to the gods?

      oh man I'm such a dork.

      Also, I want that cast Rhinoceros.

      Feb 23, 09 9:37 am

      Mcneel hq yeah I was looking for anti (LOL) but he must have been out of town on business spreading the word because I didnot see him.

      Feb 23, 09 10:11 am

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