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    Life on the "Light" Side

    By difficultfix
    Oct 23, '08 11:30 PM EST

    Since I am not in studio I found that I have much more time. With this light load that I have - I have been able to spend most of that free time studying for the LEED exam which I will be passing OCT31 - Yes that’s right passing. With so much free time (not really just feels like it) I have decided to keep myself busy. I am spending more and more time learning Ecotect. My employers are pushing to see how much I can get out of Ecotect. Ecotect seems to be mainly used for daylighting, but the firm where I am at has asked me to investigate the plug-ins that are available for ecotect such as Winair's CFD tool. Being a student this is becoming a great educational experience. One of the best features of Ecotect is that it gives a great visual feed back...Some of the images I am posting our similar to the ones that I have posted previously, but I think they are very cool.
    Images (ecotect/radiance+experimenting w/cfd)

    until next time



    • l8rpeace

      Ecotect seems like a nice time saver for the environmental impact and thorough site investigation for a design. I get a bit lost in your images above, though, after the interior perspectives. What are the images after that measuring?

      Nov 4, 08 12:21 am


      Those Images are showing a CFD anaylsis which is meaasuring airflow
      those images are not good ones, as I was only experimenting with the software at the time.

      CFD (computational fluid dynamics) is a usually used to measure air flow. so a good example would be using to see how air travels through a space- possibly for natural ventilation.


      Nov 5, 08 1:49 am

      Here are some sample images - where you can see how the air flow thru a space (experimental image)

      Nov 5, 08 2:01 am

      Fabian -

      Very cool, and I can see more clearly what you've been experimenting with. Can Ecotect do something like wind load/lateral force calculations?

      Nov 5, 08 11:55 am


      to be honest, I am not sure it can do that. I have not seen anything regarding wind load/lateral force calculations in the Ecotect help index, or export plugins.

      I believe Revit Structure might be able to.


      Nov 5, 08 12:04 pm

      either way, th images are pretty cool, and doubly so since they actually communicate important imformation. it's not like pretty fluff or anything, so it would be a really positive tool to communicate certain information to clients.

      Nov 5, 08 6:23 pm

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