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  • Thesis |Week5 | Fall (Lectures & Cardboard People)

    By difficultfix
    Nov 6, '09 12:47 PM EST

    So this last month (October) was the beginning of my final year at the Newschool of Architecture & Design, and I am now actually getting ready to enter my fifth week. Since I have not posted an update on this blog in a while, I have decided to give a brief update of some of the things that have happen here since the fall at Newschool. I will then follow with a brief description about my thesis project and what I hope to accomplish from this thesis exploration.

    Week 1
    This first week begun with everybody trying to get situated, selecting instructors, as well as introducing our topics for thesis and identifying our objectives for the year. After dealing with all the madness associated with first week thesis studio came the chance to relax and look at what Newschool has planned for the year. So we headed out to our annual convocation with this year’s ceremonies being held at the Copley Symphony Hall. This year guest speaker was AIA president Marvin J. Malecha, FAIA, who gave a great speech on the subject of architecture and the education of architecture. He encouraged us to think outside the box and look at some of the new ideas being pushed in the industry as a way to help us develop a more innovative and better informed design process. If I remember correctly he talked about embracing the ideas that revolve around performance-based design and the tools that consume them. He then finished up his speech with a reminder to us about enjoying these experiences, to have fun.

    Week 2
    Then the second week for many consisted of researching material for their thesis projects. While others worked on case studies as well as further identifing design rationale and goals. The end of the second week brought the first lecture presentation that featured architect Teddy Cruz on the subject of “Radicalizing the Local beyond the Politics of Style”. This lecture was sponsored by the Friends of San Diego Architecture. If I remember correctly he talked about community engagement and addressing the needs of communities as oppose to addressing needs perceived by city politics.

    Week 3
    The third week brought the rise of the cardboard city; the invasion of the cardboard people. These cardboard people were projects that were being constructed in the first year graduate studio. Walking past their studio you could see these students working together to create these corrugate versions of themselves. This honestly seemed like a lot of fun. These projects continued on till week 4. Mean while in the thesis studio we continued with thesis research as well as identifying potential sites for our projects

    WEEK 4
    This fourth week in the thesis studio consisted of more thesis research as well as site analysis and looking at program. With midterm review a few days away people (myself included) began working on editing or reworking earlier studio submittals that might have fallen short. Then midweek brought our next lecture which was presented by the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture. This lecture featured a presentation by architect Gordon Chong FAIA as well as neuroscientist Dr. Fred "Rusty" Gage. This lecture was honestly a very informative as well as interesting discussion on the ideas of evidence-based design and the connection between neuroscience and architecture. With Gordon Chong FAIA explaining how these ideas of evidence-based design can be used as a way to enhance innovation into a better informed design process. Then following Gordon Chong was Dr. Fred "Rusty" Gage who talked about the connections between environments and stimulations in the brain.
    Evidence-Based Design

    Thesis Project
    So this year is already running quickly and with our thesis projects in full throttle. My thesis exploration will look at the idea of kinetic (dynamic) or self-organizing architecture that adapts to social as well as environmental conditions in-order to enhance experiential and performative qualities. The current conditions of finished built structures tend to be static in nature which can at times lead to limits or barriers of how people experience space as well as how buildings perform. This exploration will look at how to potentially integrate parametrics, fabrication, and performative strategies as a way to develop high performing architecture that can maximize the experiential qualities of the built environment. My goal is to be able to take the knowledge I gain during this study with me into my professional career (whether applied or not).

    Some of the books that I am currently reading for my research are as follows: Performative Architecture | Beyond Instrumentality (Kolarevic), Architecture in the Digital Age | Design and manufacturing(Kloarevic), as well as a long list of many others.
    until next time.
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    Apr 1, '09 5:43 PM EST

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    By difficultfix
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    By difficultfix
    Nov 5, '08 12:51 AM EST

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