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  • an earsplitting week

    By Alackrity
    Dec 5, '08 2:17 PM EST

    There is only 2 weeks left. On track with two projects and really not much i can share except this.. the first physical proof of the existance of a model.

    Over the weekend I attempted to create this by hand and ended up with a pigs ear. Shopbot, if you have the means I highly recommend picking one up.

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  • Condolences to a friend and a bit of bad weather

    By Alackrity
    Nov 10, '08 6:47 PM EST

    Quite unexpectedly I've ended up seriously bed ridden. Its come on the back of wind and rain. For the first time in my life I can see a flock of several hundred crows outside my window and its just putting me off my coffee as I am remembering that poem by Poe. A dear friend of mine has also lost... View full entry

  • on the river, of the marsh

    By Alackrity
    Nov 1, '08 4:10 PM EST

    I wanted to post a few pictures and a link to a project I'm working on for 'Professional Practice: Design Clinic'. The class is not part of studio but allows students to take on design tasks for real clients or assist in real world design projects. The class deserves a proper mention as I feel it... View full entry

  • burning

    By Alackrity
    Oct 21, '08 1:24 PM EST

    What do you say when it comes to the point where 10 people are standing there wondering how to proceed? A week was burned floundering with the topographic model despite the valiant efforts of our instructor Marcel. Overlapping surfaces and unworkable models were all that materialized in the large... View full entry

  • unto this first

    By Alackrity
    Oct 15, '08 2:09 PM EST

    Our first project is a complex site located in the wealthy coastal enclave of La Jolla, CA., 15 minutes north of the studios. There is a client seeking ideas for its future and they have agreed to let us tromp around in their flower beds in the name of architecture. Our rather large class of... View full entry

  • musical chairs

    By Alackrity
    Oct 14, '08 1:07 PM EST

    Its a new year. This one (blog) is a document of an experience at NewSchool if I can keep up. Already a week out of the starting gate I'm seeing things looking better on all levels. I've read sideways comments about the place here on archinect and If we were face to face I might just say whatever... View full entry

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