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    By difficultfix
    Nov 5, '08 12:51 AM EST

    At the beginning of the summer, I was approached by Avery Caldwell who is one of the program chairs and the person responsible for new software at Newschool - about the possibility of bringing Rhinoceros to our school. As of right now Newschool offers classes in Revit Architecture, FormZ, AutoCAD, and have just recently added 3D Studio MAX.

    So I have begun organizing a free training workshop to help introduce Rhino, and demonstrate the power of modeling with Rhino.

    My overall goal is to help influence Avery's decision about adding Rhino to the list of class options.

    PushingRHINO! (experimenting with the paneling tools)



    • ichweiB

      More so, the Explicit History plug-in for Rhino?

      Nov 5, 08 12:26 pm

      Explicit history (Grasshopper), yes I play with that alot as well. In August I attended a Rhinoscript workshop that was held in Seattle with David Rutten, which was key in pushing my know how foward in using grasshopper.

      I am all about it.

      Nov 6, 08 2:17 am

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