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    Design Thesis .03

    By Alexander Jack
    Feb 3, '07 11:57 AM EST

    I am now entering the final stages of my design thesis project. I'm currently working on assembling all the information obtained last semester and am focusing on the architecture.

    Under the guise of my premise: -giving equal weight to sites that appears on the macro + micro scale (see the matrix). I extracted from the matrix three specifications: Packaging, The Sublime, and Scalar Oscillation. The specifications will guide the architectural solution.

    Packaging: refers to the superfluous materials encasing the machines. This packaging attaches to the structures and plays an aesthetic roll and a division between human and machine.

    The Sublime: (this is a heated word that has been debated for century's and even in archinect threads) I've defined The Sublime as danger without fear The sublime is powerful; The architecture will not be a literal interpretation, but a manifestation of the idea of sublime.

    Scalar Oscillation: The far ends of the macro and micro scope and removing their scale. In Quantum theory, it would be entanglement- two things existing at the same time regardless of size.

    Here are some first steps diving in to the much anticipated formal architecture phase.





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    • ianchristopher

      Nice work, still in love with the process presentation, can't wait to see the final production!!! When is the final review? Late april-ish???? Golds and I were thinking about heading back to the "heartland" and seeing all the projects and the peeps...

      Feb 16, 07 2:34 am

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