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    Design Thesis Final [exhale]

    By Alexander Jack
    May 6, '07 5:24 PM EST

    I just finished presenting my design thesis project. The last two months went something like this for me: mid-critique|baby|sell house|job interview|travel|present thesis|document thesis|present again for award|graduate. Here's the final product.





    It's been a great year....let me credit the contributors.

    Design Thesis Mentor
    Chris Ford

    Design Thesis Critics
    Jeff Day
    Martin Despang
    Hyun Tae Jung
    Keith Sawyers

    Guest Critics
    Lori Brown
    Doug Jackson

    I was in my Viticulture and Oenology class when the paparazzi found me. Great class...I sampled 8-12 wines a class and received 3 credit hours for it. In all was a tough class.


    • Arjun Bhat

      i should have just become a somalier (sp?) .....

      May 6, 07 7:09 pm
      Mark Anthony

      congratulations on finishing up arch school. Best of luck with the future

      May 6, 07 7:34 pm

      I know your busy, but what is it exactly? Looks cool.

      May 7, 07 12:04 am

      hah hah college is fun, especially drinking from your nose!

      I love the spread. It definately gave me that rush usually associated with presenting

      May 7, 07 1:38 am

      very cool. It looks lile you used an engine gasket as a source of form inspiration? The model stands are quite beautiful.

      May 7, 07 9:01 am

      did you like Lori Brown? I had her for a guest juror last semester, and really enjoyed it.

      May 7, 07 9:36 am
      Alexander Jack
      Apurimac-I'll try to summarize the project up- Kawasaki Agricultural Research and Development Facility is an addition to their 56 city block size manufacturing plant in Lincoln, NE. The project is a vehicle to investigate the generative properties of artifacts from a wide spectrum of scales. Since Kawasaki and Agriculture are merging [in my scheme] I analyzed products Kawasaki produces, current agricultural objects, and their geographic locations. The analysis is in sync with the Eames project Power of Ten where “eventually, everything connects.” So, I analyzed objects from global scale to a chain link on the Kawasaki-Ag spectrum and procured an equal weight, interest, and value towards a generative architecture- (see matrix).
      The benefit to a year long thesis is the afforded opportunity to try tactics and fail. The final scheme I produced is one of many possibilities. I critiqued and analyzed the objects from the matrix and used their properties to influence the end scheme.

      Danny Willis- Lori Brown was great. She had the ability to grasp my project and critically analyze it expediently for its future potential. She and Martin Hogue were actively involved in the 07' MArch thesis presentations and were much appreciated by everyone.
      May 7, 07 12:45 pm
      Mark Anthony

      I really like the process. I think I might be in love <3 haha

      May 7, 07 2:40 pm
      Chris Ford

      I still can't believe you received academic credit for drinking wine...

      May 9, 07 4:35 pm

      nice project man.

      May 10, 07 12:34 pm

      congrats alex, and well done.

      man, that newspaper photo is awesome, you and the other guy in the foreground looking all sophisticated with your eyeglasses and lifted pinky fingers, then the guy in the background with a baseball cap throwing his wine down quick.

      by the way, i noticed your name in the recent issue of Arch Record (Record Houses), in the project credits for the house you posted in the "design build internship" series from last summer. must have been a blast to work on that...

      May 11, 07 1:56 am
      Alexander Jack
      -AP wow I am officially impressed.. great memory! Yea, I was published (my name at least) in my first Arch Record. It was an awesome experience. The professional photo's taken by Farshid Assassi are much better than my early blog pics. Design/build has been one of the most rewarding learning experiences yet- I'd recommend it to anyone. And how funny is the guy in the background of the photo is chugging his wine! It made Doug and I appear to be good students.
      May 11, 07 5:34 pm

      Hello, I am considering going to UNL, what are your thoughts about the school?

      Jul 14, 07 3:50 pm

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